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Richard Ross, Juvenile In Justice, Harrison County Juvenile Detention Ctr, Biloxi, Mississippi, 2 2009

Juvenile In Justice at Crane Arts – Activist project raises issues about The System

Bring your hankies to the Crane when you go. Between now and Dec. 12, Richard Ross’s documentary photographs in the show  Juvenile In Justice, will wrap you in sadness and open your eyes to things you do not want to see or think about — children in tomb-like rooms, many of them looking like they are contemplating their own ends. Richard Ross’s project in the Icebox Ross’s heartbreaking photo project is about solitary confinement of children in the juvenile detention system.  The work is the anchor of a three-person show, also called Juvenile in Justice, spanning the first floor of Crane Arts. While ... More » »

Linda Connor, Haines

Report from San Francisco – A mix of art and science

by Diane Burko and Richard Ryan Just back from a week long American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference in San Francisco on all things geological, where Diane was invited to give a paper. Here is how they describe it: “The AGU Fall Meeting is the largest worldwide conference in the geophysical sciences, attracting nearly 20,000 Earth and space scientists, educators, students, and policy makers. This meeting showcases current scientific theory focused on discoveries that will benefit humanity and ensure a sustainable future for our planet.” Sunday began with a screening of Chasing Ice, the story of James Balog’s mission to change ... More » »

Peter Rose, "The Indeserian Tablets."

News post – Julien Robson in Vienna, Alison Klayman discusses Ai Wei Wei, Tobia & Maksymowicz return to China, opportunities and more!

News At least now there’s no ambiguity as to what they’re after – Temple Gallery is now Temple Contemporary! In keeping up with the times, they’ve re-focused on reacting to local, national and global issues in real time. A calendar of their free events, chosen by scholars, local high school students, and community leaders from across Philadelphia, can be seen here. Indy Hall’s recent renovations have brought not only improved quarters for its loyal coworkers, but a series of new works by Sean Martorana, one of Indy Hall’s resident artists. “The Essence of Life and Line,” curated by Martorana and fellow Indy Hall-ers Kara ... More » »


Americana reimagined in PAFA’s “here.”

America is still feeding off it’s old myths–the cowboy and the limitless landscape, the road-trip escape, the huckster medicine show, the American Dream, home sweet home, the decorous South, the heroic founding fathers, the grass-roots democracy.

Bill Viola, far right, with his wife Kira Peroff.  Center is Robert Cozzolino and left is Julian Robson

U.S. debut–Bill Viola comes to Pafa and leaves behind a gem

Bill Viola came to Pennsylvania Academy last month for the opening of “Ocean without a Shore,” his three-channel video installation in its American debut! The installation –a new purchase by the museum to be permanently on display in the Morris Gallery — is installed as a triptych in what’s now a dark, chapel-like space, where the piece casts a moody, elegiac spell. The work seems to conjure up the spirits of the dead with cinematic special effects and sound right out of the Matrix.

Hibachi Engine Boat, 2011.  Wood, copper, school chair, hibachi grill, reflective mylar, 30”x 30”x72” (carpet 10ft x 8ft)

Hiro Sakaguchi’s No Particular Place to Go at PAFA

By Diana Jih Somewhere between the Matterhorn and Mt. Fuji, Hiro Sakaguchi and I are teetering on the left wing of a 747 with paint cans and packs of brushes. As the wind picks up, I brace myself by pulling on a thin climbing rope tethered to a snow bank in the clouds. Hiro senses my panic, spins around, and acknowledges with a nod that although in this dream I am having we appear like Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, neither of us knows how to climb a mountain. CRASH. Awake and relieved, I spend the rest of my ... More » »

Roxana Pérez-Méndez detail of 'Ana' (2010), from 'Este Es Mi Pais'

Roxana Pérez-Méndez: Your Fantasy is My Home

The image of Latin America functioned for nineteenth-century North Americans much as that of the Middle East did for certain Europeans: as a screen on which to project their fantasies. In the case of the Western hemisphere, these were largely of a pre-lapsarian past.  Roxana Pérez-Méndez has consistently explored the place of Puerto Rico within U.S. culture, and with her project, Este Es Mi Pais (This is My Homeland) at the Morris Gallery at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA, up through Sept. 26, 2010) she employs PAFA’s collections to explore the history of interactions within the Americas.

Adam Parker Smith, James Johnson and Charlene Peacock at Little Berlin, close to the ATM machine made of cake and green-grey icing.

May First Friday frenz-y

It was a cupcake of an evening last Friday.  We dined on cake at Grizzly Grizzly, Bambi and Little Berlin.  Here’s a few people pictures and a little gossip.

Greta Pratt. Nineteen Lincolns, 2005. 18 archival inkjet prints. 28 x 24 inches. Courtesy artist on nashermuseumblogs.org/2009/06/25/my-weird-america/

Whole lotta shaking going on at PAFA

When an institution announces the receipt of a big grant for contemporary art programming we want to know more. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Curator of Contemporary Arts Julien Robson snagged a whopping $440,000 grant from the William Penn Foundation for contemporary art programing over the next three years, including support for the Philagrafika exhibit opening January 2009, five solo exhibits of young and emerging artists starting in May in the Morris Gallery, and the exhibit We’re All Still Here, scheduled to open October 2011.

Weekly Update – Julien Robson, new PAFA Curator of Contemporary Art

This week’s Weekly has my interview with PAFA Curator of Contemporary Art, Julien Robson. Julien Robson, new Curator of Contemporary Art, PAFA. Meet Julien Robson, a curator who started out as an artist getting his fingers dirty in the studio. The Scottish-born Robson, the Pennsylvania Academy for Fine Art (PAFA)’s new curator of contemporary art, earned the British equivalent of an M.F.A. from University College London. While he characterizes his own early art with a dose of good-natured self-deprecation (“constructivist paintings … I was drawing squares”), what’s important is that he brings an artist’s mentality to curating collections. Robson, 53, ... More » »

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