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News post – In memory of Todd Marrone, Retrospective Gallery launches, Tim Eads turns plight into potential, opportunities and more

News We were saddened to learn of the sudden passing of artist and educator Todd Marrone just before the new year. Well-known in Philly and beyond for his kindness as well as his talent, Marrone had been a teacher at Welsh Valley Middle School for the past sixteen years. His artwork is an instantly recognizable, ebullient part of the scenery in Manayunk, where he lived with his wife Heather and two children Rocco and Matilda. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to The Rocco and Matilda Marrone Scholarship Fund in care of: Lower Merion Education Association 306 Parsons ... More » »

Frances Stark  'The Inchoate Incarnate: After a Drawing, Toward an Opera, but before a Libretto Even Exists' (2009)

Thematic Exhibitions at the ICA, Grizzly Grizzly and Locks Gallery play with body adornment, materials and art history

White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart at the ICA Self-adornment is surely homo sapiens’ first art form: body painting, scarification, tattooing. Garments that offer anything more than basic protection from the elements or environment can be said to participate in that tradition. White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), University of Pennsylvania, through July 28 takes a broad, and as the title’s reference to Ovid suggests, rather poetic view of the subject. The exhibition, curated by Anthony Elms, makes no distinction between attire that was worn (RAMMΣLLZΣΣ) and clothing forms meant to be exhibited ... More » »

Kate Bright at Locks Gallery

Kate Bright Between the WoodsLocks GalleryMay 2-30, 2008 Grove60×84″2008 I have gotten into the nasty habit of popping in on really outstanding shows just a couple of days before they close. This is alright by me but particularly bad for you, dear reader, as you will no doubt be perusing this post as the minutes tick away from the time you have to see the paintings of Kate Bright at Locks Gallery. As it stands you have about a week which is more then I can say for those of you wishing to catch the delightful Jennifer Bartlett exhibition (read ... More » »

Lists and who’s in: Art 21’s new season on PBS

I was talking with Bay, Ava, Nancy and Andrea the other night about Karen Kilimnik‘s work (on view now at ICA and at the Powel House — we’ve written lots, just use the blog search function at the top of the page…it didn’t used to work but now seems to work great –if I have time I’ll put in links later). We were puzzling over why the artist seems to be all over the place right now (in addition to her Philadelphia show, she had shows in Paris and London recently — and that’s just what we know about, there ... More » »

Meditations on the Fourth of July and Karen Kilimnik at the Powel House

Karen Kilimnik, Candlestick, 1993, pastel on paper, 25 1/2 x 19 3/4″; installed in Powel House dining room I’m not much of a history buff. But I just completed John Adams by David McCullough. Plus I’m reading another book a friend gave me about the portrait of Elizabeth Powel in the Powel House on 3rd Street. All this set my imagination back to a time when people got caught up in the extraordinary events that made us a new, independent country, by the skin of our teeth. With those books in mind, the Powel House and all the rest of ... More » »

Weekly Update – The radical forlorn in art

This week’s Weekly has my piece on radically-forlorn art, something that’s in the air and on the walls everywhere. Below is the copy with some pictures. I have sets from the TODT exhibit here, from Pentimenti here and from Karen Kilimnik’s ICA exhibit here. Libby’s post on TODT is here. Licensed to NilIn a world run by oil-crazed warmongers, pictures of kittens don’t cut it. Aggressive Nippers from TODT’s installation at Fleisher-Ollman Art mirrors the times. When the times get black and ugly, so does art. But not all art, of course. Some artists turn inward and produce things more ... More » »


photo by roberta of Karen Kilimnik pill scatter art at ICA I had to pass along this link to Brent Burket on Karen Kilimnik’s show at the ICA to help balance the Inquirer’s nasty coverage. I needed as many antidotes as I could find. Gimme some of those pills piled on the floor plus Burket and I’ll feel lots better. Here’s what we wrote: Roberta here and Libby here.

Weekly Update 1 – Kilimnik safe and unsafe at ICA

This week’s Weekly has my review of Karen Kilimnik‘s exhibit at ICA. Below is the copy with some photos. See Libby’s post here. Schlocked and LoadedKaren Kilimnik’s new show brings out your inner sicko. Karen Kilimnik painting of Prince Charming in her show at ICA. Karen Kilimnik’s art is like an archetypal teenage girl: seductive, contradictory, messy, pretty and angry. The internationally renowned Philadelphia artist is a cultural sponge. She soaks up news and information from today, yesterday and 300 years ago, and uses it to comment on everything from art, ballet and architecture to mass murder, drugs and child ... More » »


Obscure object of desire: Karen Kilimnik at the ICA

Switzerland, the Pink Panther & Peter Sellers & Boris & Natasha & Gelsey Kirkland in Siberia, 1991, mixed media instllation, dimnesions variable–layers of ballet and movie romanticism go into this childlike dream of impossible, wonderful lives that even include a fondue set. Linda Harris the security guard grabbed my hand when I walked into the Karen Kilimnik exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art and started a conversation as she pulled me along from piece to piece. She was excited at the same time that she was irritated. What was Kilimnik saying, exactly? As I got the tour, here are ... More » »

Friday quick hit on Monday

Vox Populi’s new neon sign in the window of their new home at 319 N. 11th St. The place was jammed with happy folk when we stopped in at 8:30. Libby and I and Andrea Kirsh did the walk-around in Old City and Chinatown Friday evening and had a grand time. This is a small photo post of things that stood out. Kelly Ann Gartland sculptural couple at the UArts Senior Thesis Exhibit. Havana Lofts, 301, 303, 307 N. 3rd St. Artist and Vox Populi board member, Sarah McEneaney, selling raffle tickets at Vox’s grand re-opening. Jim Houser goes bigger, ... More » »

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