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Kate Abercrombie, "Unisphere. Image courtesy Fleisher/Ollman

Abstracting the actual and concocting the unreal at Fleisher/Ollman

[Chip explores and compares the wide range of abstract work being created by four artists, and comments on their treatment of space and human forms. — the artblog editors] Fleisher/Ollman‘s current show, Reprefantasion, which straddles yesteryear (2013) and the first month of 2014, also seeks to bridge the gaps between differing schools of abstraction. Four artists are represented in this group exhibition: Kate Abercrombie and Becky Suss, who distort the actual, and Kinke Kooi and Sarah Gamble, who decisively skip straight to the unreal. The show is on view through February 1. Proclivity for pink: Kinke Kooi   Most noticeable of Kinke Kooi’s ... More » »

Kate Abercrombie, “The Catbird Seat,” gouache on paper, 28 x 21 ¼ in.

New Wine, New Bottle – The sophomore exhibit at the new Fleisher-Ollman

—>Sam visits Fleisher-Ollman’s new gallery and encounters some heady art, both abstract and narrative.—-the artblog editors———————–> One of the first things you’ll notice in Fleisher-Ollman’s new Arch Street location is the high ceilings. Compared to the former location in the historic 1616 Walnut Street office building, where a 1930s-style doorman greeted guests and the low-ceilinged gallery felt like a hidden vault, it seems like Fleisher-Ollman has moved forward in time, not just a few blocks diagonally across City Hall. An Edgar Tolson statue of a dog greets visitors from outside the elevator doors. Down the hallway, you will find the ... More » »

Landscapes of the mind at Little Berlin

The rainbows were finer than my camera could capture The rainbow was sudden. We were racing up to Little Berlin Friday along I-95 when Murray and I spotted it. We were so excited we missed our exit and almost drove off the road. The first thing that struck me was how yellow it was at the base, shimmering and golden. I’d never seen that effect before, but I bet the legend about the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow comes from that. The second thing the struck me was I wasn’t going to be able to get ... More » »

Artblog pieces together a trend

Amze Emmons, in his show World Headquarters, at the Painted Bride The new camouflage tenting material is made of recycled fabric. Such is the new camping these days, and it’s showing up in art work all around town. Last night we spotted it in several pieces by Amze Emmons, at his World Headquarters exhibit curated by InLiquid in the Painted Bride‘s cafe. Tents and buildings with patchwork fabric walls appear here and there in his unsettled cityscapes. Katie Abercrombie’s landscape includes some ad hoc furnishings for the nomadic life. Last week, we spotted a bit of the trend in work ... More » »

Lights, color, 3-D action in the Cave (Paintings)

Isaac Lin, detail, from his installation at Fleisher-Ollman Gallery Not only is there the pleasure of wearing 3-D glasses to look at art at Fleisher-Ollman’s Cave Paintings, but there is pleasure in looking at paint that’s zipping with color in works alive with energy and emotion. If the gallery’s last outing was an ode to sculpture (the well-loved 2000 Years of Sculpture show), F-O’s offering this month is a tribute to the pleasures of color, texture, line and story, all of which are things paint delivers well. With seven artists in the show and acres of wall space the artists ... More » »


Bailis and Abercrombie on the road at Vox

Suitcase, by Leah Bailis A last minute quickie on the shows at Vox Populi, which, two days ago, was still sitting on the fence about where the gallery will move, once it’s are forced out of the Gilbert Building in mid-January. Cinder Blocks, by Leah Bailis With all the stresses of the gallery having to move Leah Bailis’ exhibit The Architecture of Independent People, with its cardboard sculptures of absence and loss in life on the move seemed particularly apt. But it was her cardboard replicas of cinderblocks piled in a corner that stole my heart, partly because of its ... More » »