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Kathryn Sclavi — interview with the artist and a new collaborative storytelling show

[Talking with artist Kathryn Sclavi, Veronica explores the significance of art projects that venture beyond gallery walls, engaging with their viewers and promoting community involvement. -- the artblog editors] I met Kathryn Sclavi at the Dock Street Brewery on the rainy night of Dec 23rd, 2013. The rain and air outside were palpable with holiday anticipation and people running last-minute errands. I sat in the back of the establishment, and as I waited for Sclavi, in walked this small ball of energy. Seeing me in the back, she waved, and hugged me upon greeting me. Small cart, big impact We ... More » »


Decade-of-art videos, Episode 6! People give us some feedback and suggestions

In this Decade-of-artblog episode, we get some suggestions on how to make artblog better! And we get lots more nice comments. Enjoy. [Hey there!  This is the last week to get tickets for our Sept. 28, 2013, Decade-of-artblog party at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art. Go to our Ticketleap page to get your tickets for this and our other two parties on Nov. 7 and Nov. 9! --the editors]