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The eerie interior of the Bank of Manhattan Building - before its artistic metamorphosis.

News post – Farewell to Fake House, Lonely Planet loves Philly, Keiko Miyamori in Queens, opportunities and more!

News Daniel Traub and Glenn Holsten have completed work on “The Barefoot Artist,” a film honoring the legacy of Traub’s mother, seminal artist Lily Yeh, and are now in the final post-production push. Their fundraising campaign, steered by USA Artists, also contains numerous offerings related to the film, including excerpts and a message from Traub and Holsten. Congratulations, Daniel and Glenn! Fake House/Fake Haus, one of Philadelphia’s oldest punk houses, is closing in two days, taken over by Drexel to make way for student housing at 38th and Lancaster. Its final show was held last Friday, capping off a history ... More » »


Mark Rothko in Washington, D.C.: studies in light

There’s an extraordinary opportunity, in Washington, D.C. at the moment, to study major paintings by Mark Rothko in three museums with varying lighting conditions. Some artists are particularly concerned with how their work is lit, and Mark Rothko was one of them. As Tom Hess told the story, Phillip Guston remembers the time when he and Rothko went to see the installation of one of Rothko’s shows at Janis. They strolled into the gallery and Mark, without a word, switched off half the lights. When Janis emerged from his office, the three of them chatted a bit and, in a ... More » »

After Rothko and Rene, bring home the Bacon

Post by Max Mulhern The 1959 signature work by Mark Rothko in a small space. Yesterday, in London, I visited the Rothko show of late works at the Tate Modern and a Coptic icon show in a gallery called Sacred Space. At first glance the Rothko show appears to be a disaster. The first room shows us a signature work from 1959. But it is hung in a tiny space so instead of walking into it we slide along it. Next we enter a vast space filled with thirteen canvases six of which were originally destined for The Four Season’s ... More » »