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"introducing his baby," oil on canvas

Brian Fernandes-Halloran’s close by – Some honest reflection at MUSE Gallery

If you run into me in public at any given time, chances are high that I’ll be distractedly thinking about daily needs and tasks. When we part company, it’s likely that I won’t later recall what color shirt you were wearing, or whether your hair was a bit mussed up in the back. What I will remember is the words exchanged, the tone of our chat and your friendly smile. I suspect that I am not the only person to experience this phenomenon. Brian Fernandes-Halloran’s show at MUSE Gallery, close by, confirms my suspicion that this is a common occurrence. ... More » »

Caroline Furr,

News post – Doppelganger at the PMA, happy anniversary to MUSE Gallery, Furr + Rose at Young Masters, opportunities and more!

News Open Air, happily, was a resounding success. During this project’s September 20-October 14 span, brought to Philadelphia by the Association for Public Art and artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer nearly 6,000 iPhone recordings in over 20 different languages were made, and more than 17,000 visitors came to the Ben Franklin Parkway. The Open Air website is up permanently, allowing people to listen to the recordings and vote for their favorites. It’ll be tough to narrow down: aside from some heart-tugging marriage proposals, there is the 127-message “Voices of Philly” archive of famous local voices. To learn more about the project, visit The Creators Project, the press release here, and some wonderful high-res photos. ... More » »


Weekly Update – First Friday roundup

This week’s Weekly has my December First Friday roundup. Copy below with a few pictures. “Slo Mo” at Germ Books and Gallery is a valedictory exhibit celebrating three now-defunct artist collectives— Pifas , Bobo’s on 9th and the Philadelphia Athenaeum . The group show, curated by Pifas member April Glaser , has colorful and psychedelic works by artists affiliated with the three spaces. It will hardly be a sob-fest. Paintings, sculptures and video by artists Lindsay Kovnat , W.J. Hyatt , Brian McKelligott , Bobos and others will make the show as jolly and noisy as a New Orleans Second ... More » »

Loners go social in George Shinn’s paintings

George Shinn, Portrait of Babs, Nails and Scary-Mary, acrylic on canvas, 43 x 53 inches Geoge Shinn’s large paintings at Muse Gallery this month suggest portraits–mostly of two or three people–with narrative titles that have to be the best titles of paintings anywhere ever. He has a one-man show at Muse Gallery right now, and the work looks better than ever and younger than ever. But George is no youngster. He’s painting cartoon-faced people in edgy proximity in ambiguous relationships–the antithesis of Philip Guston’s loners in social situations. The stories seem pretty open. I don’t know what Scary-Mary and Babs ... More » »

Eric Fausnacht instates the proud chicken

painting 2006, 001, by Eric Fausnacht The public rooms of a home never have chicken wallpaper. Those rooms are reserved for parrots and tanagers. The chickens are reserved for the kitchen wallpaper. And chicken tschotschkes are kitsch. But Eric Fausnacht’s chickens and roosters at Muse Gallery are birds of a different feather. In a way, his paintings and prints that seem to be reproductions of his paintings, make the case for chickens as dandies and grandees. Their plumage is spectacular, at least as Fausnacht paints feathers. And the cockscombs are baroque, looking more like the velvety flower of the same ... More » »