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Dear Nemesis — Nicole Eisenman at the Institute of Contemporary Art

[Michael enjoys a retrospective of Nicole Eisenman’s incisive, poignant, and often-hilarious work. — the artblog editors] I visited Dear Nemesis knowing nothing about Brooklyn-based artist Nicole Eisenman, and seeing her work for the first time. The 20-year survey of her paintings, prints, sculpture, and drawings is physically and emotionally challenging to appreciate because of the sheer number of works displayed, the dramatic subject matter explored, and the extent to which so many of the works themselves are absorbing. Prolific and political The exhibit is comprised of 20 or so large canvases; a set of 34 prints (mixed-media and monotypes on paper); ... More » »

Rokni Haerizadeh, gesso, ink and watercolor on printed paper. Courtesy of Galerie Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai, and the artist

The 2013 Carnegie International – Some great community gems in the midst of a comfort zone of familiar art

While it doesn’t push the envelope or any obvious buttons, the 2013 Carnegie International serves up delights and high points along with the comfort and reassurance of familiar faces. It’s a humanist show that is mining territory that’s been mined before – history, community, anti-capitalism. And bravo for all that! Community and Archival Projects Many artists featured in the show are working with communities.  Here are our favorites. Let’s hear it for Zoe Strauss!  She didn’t win the Carnegie Prize or the Fine Prize (those went to Nicole Eisenman and Zanele Muholi respectively — congrats to those two wonderful women ... More » »

Frances Stark  'The Inchoate Incarnate: After a Drawing, Toward an Opera, but before a Libretto Even Exists' (2009)

Thematic Exhibitions at the ICA, Grizzly Grizzly and Locks Gallery play with body adornment, materials and art history

White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart at the ICA Self-adornment is surely homo sapiens’ first art form: body painting, scarification, tattooing. Garments that offer anything more than basic protection from the elements or environment can be said to participate in that tradition. White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), University of Pennsylvania, through July 28 takes a broad, and as the title’s reference to Ovid suggests, rather poetic view of the subject. The exhibition, curated by Anthony Elms, makes no distinction between attire that was worn (RAMMΣLLZΣΣ) and clothing forms meant to be exhibited ... More » »

Andrew Masullo

A Whitney for you and me – enjoyable, lyrical, musical!

Not a whimper of controversy surrounds this year’s Whitney Biennial. It’s an uptown show to the New Museum’s downtown triennial. If there’s activism, it’s in the curatorial choice to dedicate a humongous amount of space and time to performance for music and dance. And if there’s politics, it’s mostly about art, in the commissioned essay by artist Andrea Fraser, whose point is that everyone in the art world is compromised via money and insider politics, and yet that might make the art world the perfect place for art on the subject of money, politics and complicity.  (The photographs and videos ... More » »