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V.S. Gaitonde at the Guggenheim Museum, N.Y.

[Andrea explores the subtleties of V.S. Gaitonde, a non-objective artist whose work shows the influence of Indian culture, Paul Klee, and Buddhism. — the artblog editors]  The extraordinarily seductive, abstract paintings of V.S. Gaitonde are unlikely to be familiar to Guggenheim Museum visitors, unless they have a prior knowledge of modern art in India. This makes a visit to V.S. Gaitonde: Painting as Process, Painting as Life (on view through Feb. 11, 2015) imperative for anyone wishing to engage with modern, non-Western art of the 1960s–1990s. Beyond that, it offers an intensely rich vision of the possibilities of painting. The exhibition ... More » »

Paul Klee 'Ad Parnassum' (1932) oil & casein on canvas, Kunstmuseum, Bern

First-rate new book on Paul Klee – a review

Christine Hopfengart and Michael Baumgartner  Paul Klee; Life and Work (Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern:2012)  ISBN 978-2-7757-3007-5 Paul Klee exhibited with the Blue Rider, taught for years at the Bauhaus in both Weimar and Dessau and had a major retrospective of his work at the National Gallery, Berlin, before he was fifty. Yet his work always stood apart from that of his colleagues. The authors of this first-rate monograph situate Klee’s art in terms of his musical interests, travels, study of other artists, contemporary art movements, and interest in the structure and growth of natural forms. Despite the artist’s avowedly non-political stance, ... More » »

Vincent Van Gogh ‘Rain’ 73.3 x 92,4 cm, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Van Gogh Up Close at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Most visitors to Van Gogh Up Close at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA, through May 6, 2012, then at the co-organizing museum, the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa,   May 25 – Sept. 3, 2012) will be excited simply to see a large number of paintings by Van Gogh; he’s the artist most guaranteed to draw crowds and to send them home happy.  This doesn’t pretend to be a survey of his work. It is, rather, a carefully-curated theme exhibition about an aspect of Van Gogh’s work that has, until now, been unexplored: the artist’s novel exploration of the ... More » »

Henry O. Tanner 'The Three Marys' o/c 42x50" Fisk University Galleries

Henry Ossawa Tanner at PAFA: Faith in Blues

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts  (PAFA) is celebrating one of its most illustrious alumni with Henry Ossawa Tanner; Modern Spirit (through April 15, 2012) and it is greatly to be welcomed. While Tanner is well represented in PAFA’s collection and that of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA, which organized a Tanner exhibition in 1991), his work is widely dispersed in public and private collections in the U.S. and France, and the exhibition brings them together and into public view, many for the first time since they were acquired. A deep appreciation of Tanner will involve some work on ... More » »

Late Monet at Gagosian Gallery and Painting Light; The Hidden Techniques of the Impressionists

Unless you’ve visited the Musée Marmottan, Paris, or are old enough and fortunate to have seen the exhibition drawn from its collections many decades ago at the Met, get yourself to Gagosian Gallery by June 26 to see Claude Monet Late work. That is, go if you love painting. For you’ll see that rare thing – an artist who attempts something different in his old age, like Verdi taking on comedy.  And in doing so, Monet made himself a twentieth-century painter and a great one.