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The eerie interior of the Bank of Manhattan Building - before its artistic metamorphosis.

News post – Farewell to Fake House, Lonely Planet loves Philly, Keiko Miyamori in Queens, opportunities and more!

News Daniel Traub and Glenn Holsten have completed work on “The Barefoot Artist,” a film honoring the legacy of Traub’s mother, seminal artist Lily Yeh, and are now in the final post-production push. Their fundraising campaign, steered by USA Artists, also contains numerous offerings related to the film, including excerpts and a message from Traub and Holsten. Congratulations, Daniel and Glenn! Fake House/Fake Haus, one of Philadelphia’s oldest punk houses, is closing in two days, taken over by Drexel to make way for student housing at 38th and Lancaster. Its final show was held last Friday, capping off a history ... More » »

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Gross Clinic watch

An email from Patrick Connors Sunday’s button sales was terrific, thanks to all of you for coming out and saying hello to the “Button Brigade” and buying a button. The more these buttons are seen the better. (By the way these buttons are soon to be collector’s items as we have exhausted the original supply and placed a new order. The new buttons will be burgundy background with white lettering. Be the first on your block to have a blue and burgundy buttons). Every little bit helps in raising funds and public consciousness. The money argument (which makes us at ... More » »

Eakins rally Sunday

An email from Patrick Connors Thanks to all of you for keeping this important rally going. Although it is challenging, the effort to keep the Gross Clinic in Philadelphia is doable. As many of you know the PMA, as of last week, has raised over one-third of the money. Donations continue to come in, this is good! Thanks to the “Button Brigade” sales we have donated hundreds of dollars to the Eakins Masterpiece Fund (that’s a lot of buttons) and raised public consciousness. Recently the California Literary Review published an excellent essay on the “Gross Clinic Affair.” You can read ... More » »