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Shelley Spector — Keep the Home Fires Burning at the PMA

[Lauren enjoys an inviting sculpture-and-textile show by Shelley Spector, whom we’ve interviewed previously on artblog radio. Inspired by a mother-daughter collaboration, Spector repurposed found objects into pieces that deserve their own new family histories. — the artblog editors] Fiber and textile work can easily be misconstrued as crafty or kitschy, reminiscent of framed embroideries stating “Grandma Loves You,” and veering dangerously close to the territory of acrylic-yarn crocheted tea cozies adorned with googly-eyed cats. But then there are the select few who take that tiny thread and draw something beautiful with it, constructing mind-boggling structures from a single, continuous piece ... More » »

From "Raptor's Rapture" (2012). Image courtesy Allora & Calzadilla.

Allora & Calzadilla reframe human history at the PMA and Fabric Workshop

[Noreen takes us through her experience of a massive exhibition by noted duo in life and work, Allora & Calzadilla, which blurs the lines between visual art, music, and geologic history. — the artblog editors Now on view at both the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Allora & Calzadilla: Intervals blurs the boundaries between a wide array of media. Its works combine sculpture and sound work, installation and performance, and even thousand-year-old fossils. Initially overwhelmed by the enormity of the show, I came to understand it as a fractured and mysterious retelling of natural history. ... More » »

Inventory, 2012. Fiona Tan, Dutch (born Indonesia), born 1966. HD and
video installation, 16 minutes, 30 seconds. Image courtesy of the artist
and the Frith Street Gallery.

Taking stock — Video artist Fiona Tan contemplates collecting

(Mellisa reviews a video installation focusing on the desire to collect and preserve objects d’art and cultural artifacts. — the artblog editors) Fiona Tan’s “Inventory,” now on view through March 23 at the Perelman Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, is a meditation on the visual archive as a way of preserving the world.  An intriguing look at one man’s collection of objects, “Inventory” also raises issues about collections in general, especially cross-cultural collections, which are the basis for most of the world’s encyclopedic museums. Showcasing Soane’s collection The piece is made up of six video screens that play archival film footage ... More » »


From the vault – October, 2003 – Don’t Phorget About Philly!

Ed. note: In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary, we are bringing you content from our inaugural year, 2003. In October, 2003, Philly was shaking off its “kid brother” reputation to remind the world that there is more to the East Coast art world than NYC. Philadelphia and artblog have since shoved our way out of the Big Apple’s shadow- bye bye “inpheriority” complex! ——————————- Report from the fringe By libby October 24, 2003 There’s more than one way for an artist to show work, and it doesn’t have to be on a clothesline–but the tiny little cubby of a gallery, ... More » »

Michael Gonzales and Veronica Castillo. Houston, 2008

Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell – Prom at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Armed with a behemoth camera and hoping to present all her subjects equally and truthfully, Mary Ellen Mark created a masterful treatment of the ultimate teenage milestone, prom. Prom, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, is a photo essay shot between 2006-2009 in which the veteran portrait photographer and her husband, filmmaker Martin Bell, pair the fleeting nature of prom night with the fleeting nature of  documentary photography and film –there’s but one chance to do it right. Shot at twelve high schools in ten cities across the country, and at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s prom, Mark and Bell produced ... More » »

3rd Ward

News: West Collects (with the mayor), 3rd Ward in Philly,Tina Barney lecture and more!

News West Collection launches $300,000 art acquisition project–$100,000 set aside for Philly artists It was all about money outside City Hall the other day as Occupy Phladelphia protested economic issues; and it was all about money inside, too, when Paige West, with Mayor Nutter by her side, announced plans for a $300,000 arts acquisition project on the part of the West Collection, with $100,000 earmarked for Philadelphia artists. “West Collects” has no fee to apply, and the winners will be selected in April 2012. Any artists over the age of eighteen working in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation or video mediums ... More » »

Weekly Update 2 – Fall Guide

This week’s Weekly has my fall guide piece about what’s hot this fall in the art scene. Below’s the copy with some pictures. More at flickr And for pictures of the ICA show, here and for the Perelman building here. PAIRED DOWNExhibits on music, food and lace come in twos.Two is the operative number this fall, with several well-paired shows offering a double-dip of art. Two music-filled exhibits will be hot stuff for the ears; two photography shows on food (and eaters) contemplate hunger and excess; and two shows on lace raise thoughts about the fabric of life. Also gamely ... More » »

Enter here! the Perelman has access

Post by Andrea Kirsh If the PMA’s original building, with its classical pediment and columns, presents itself as a temple of art, the new Perelman Building, designed so it’s flooded with natural light, speaks about access; access not only to art but to study about art. This is particularly clear in the part of the building originally inhabited by Fidelity Life Insurance. It houses four areas devoted to public learning: a teacher’s resource room, a library, and two study rooms: one for prints, drawings and photographs, the other for costumes and textiles. You don’t have to be in a PhD ... More » »

Perelman Chronicles-square footage galore

The Exhibition Gallery (no name? waiting for a sponsor perhaps?) which now houses a show of sculpture. At 4,020 sq. ft, the new Exhibition Gallery in the Perelman Building –the one with the sculpture exhibit — is one of the biggest exhibit spaces in the city. The ICA’s cavern is undoubedtly bigger — but it has such a different feel I don’t want to compare it. What this space does resembe, in its generous rectangular space uninterrupted by support columns, is the Icebox Project Space at the Crane, which, at 5,000 sq. ft. is just a little bit bigger. The ... More » »

Perelman Chronicles, part 2

Aerial view of the PMA and the new Perelman Building–photo courtesy of the PMA. Click image to go to flickr and see my notes which tell what is what and where you are in space. Libby began artblog‘s Perelman Chronicles with her post about the PMA’s new building. I will take you on a little photo tour and drop a few facts into the fray. But first, I want to remind you of the hard-hat tour we took a scant year ago (March, 2006) where the place was so not ready for prime time it’s hard to believe how swank ... More » »

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