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Panel painting

Ink and Gold — The Art of the Kano at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

[Andrea shares how the Japanese shogunate influenced styles in one family of artists; introduces us to star artist Tan’yü; and recommends going to see this exhibit, as these invaluable works are very rarely shown in the U.S. — the artblog editors] Ink and Gold: The Art of the Kano at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) through May 10, 2015 offers multiple sources of visual delight. There’s the sweeping drama of scenes that unfold across more than 20-foot expanses, creating the illusion of distant landscapes nestled in an atmosphere of actual gold. Viewed up close, the painted screens, sliding doors, hanging scrolls, ... More » »

Thomas Eakins painting

Thomas Eakins’ “The Pair-Oared Shell” at the PMA

[Marvin takes a close eye to a classic Realist painting, applying his knowledge of rowing to dissect the deeper meaning of Thomas Eakins’ work. — the artblog editors] The picturesque scene of Boathouse Row on the banks of the Schuylkill River has become synonymous today with American rowing culture. But for Philadelphia Realist artist Thomas Eakins (1844-1916), who was an amateur rower himself, his now-famous rowing paintings were his attempt to raise to iconic status the spirit of the sport: a human athleticism and grace pitted against the might and beauty of the river. For those who have experienced that ... More » »

Silhouette portrait

Face to face — an unexpected pair of works at Represent at the PMA

[Diana zeroes in on the dialogue between two works at the PMA’s survey of its African-American collection, remarking on the messages implicit in each piece. — the artblog editors] Most of the works of art in the exhibition Represent: 200 Years of African American Art, now on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, are explicit depictions of the African-American experience. Even when they infuse Realism with abstract elements, they are recognizable representations of scenes, figures, and objects, and more importantly of an attitude or perspective on that experience. Irony, rage, and rebellion A tantalizing exception is the earliest work in the ... More » »

James Baldwin

Represent showcases 200 years of African-American art at the PMA

[Andrea investigates a varied show of African-American work at the PMA, and hopes it indicates a continuation of the museum’s recent outreach efforts. — the artblog editors] In 2001, the Philadelphia Museum of Art ( PMA) established the African-American Collections Committee to assist in the development of the museum’s collections. A catalog of the PMA’s holdings of work by African-Americans was a major goal of the committee, and has been in the works for the past decade. To celebrate its publication, the museum has organized the exhibition of 75 works by more than 50 artists, calling the show Represent: 200 Years of African ... More » »

"Traditional Doctor Koko," one of the works included in the upcoming Gravers Lane show. Photo courtesy of the gallery.

News post – Syrian collective wins Vera List Prize, Gravers Lane goes big, Michelle Post brings “Mucky Mucks” alive, opportunities and more!

News     Exciting news!  The work has begun on Gravers Lane Gallery’s expansion into the 8403 Germantown Ave. exhibition space. The Grand Opening is scheduled for February 2015, and features Botswana and the Art of the Kalahari, a special first exhibition celebrating Black History Month. Curated by Cindy Friedman, the show benefits the Botswana UPENN Partnership. 2 from the Philadelphia Museum of Art – 1. Habemus papam! Next year, that is – the Philadelphia Museum of Art has just been announced as a host of next year’s scheduled Papal Visit and World Meeting of Families 2015. Pope Francis is going to be at the ... More » »


The monumental authority of Paul Strand at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

[Evan is pulled into the first major retrospective of Paul Strand’s work, which outlines the artist’s lifelong dedication to photography; his expertise; and his influence on all who followed him. — the artblog editors] Paul Strand is regarded as among the most influential and groundbreaking photographers and filmmakers of the 20th century, frequently grouped with contemporaries such as Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz for his initially Pictorialist aesthetics and attention to process and excellence in printing. But to observe Strand’s life and work in such a relative fashion does no justice to the uniqueness and variety of his output–to put ... More » »

Alex Chinneck, Melting House, in London.  Katie McCallum will explain all.

Posts in the Pipeline – Stories you won’t want to miss on artblog

[artblog guides you through the great Philly art scene.  Our Picks, available by newsletter (subscribe here) curates a trustworthy list of shows and events each month.  But there’s so much more! Posts in the Pipeline tells you what we’ve selected to feature this month. — the artblog editor] Reviews and features this week Evan Laudenslager tells us about two things —a New Yorker Festival show featuring Laurie Anderson, real and live. —the Paul Strand exhibition that just opened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Michael Carroll explores aspects of portraiture at the Main Line Art Center’s Face Value show. Coming Soon Elizabeth Johnson goes to ... More » »

Photo by Constance Mensh

“How do you make a magic carpet a reality?” Candy Coated shows us at The Oval

[Jennifer is transported to The Oval, where a magical visual transformation shows the effect of public art on happiness. — the artblog editors] Philadelphia artist Candy Coated (formerly Candy Depew) has, for the second year in a row, transformed a site on the Parkway into an immersive art environment. Last summer, she created Candy Coated Wonderland at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And now, through August 17, Candy Coated brings her signature imagery of diamonds, hearts, leaves, paisleys, and butterflies to the eight-acre public park known as The Oval. Summer wonderland Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, in partnership with the Fairmount ... More » »

IMAGE 3 - Forum Gallery Rendering

Modernizing a classic — Frank Gehry’s master plan for the Philadelphia Museum of Art

[Joshua takes us through Frank Gehry’s proposed changes to the PMA, which will add room, open up long-unused spaces, and beautify exterior portions. — the artblog editors] “We need to do something special for Philadelphia.” Recalling those words of the late Anne D’Harnoncourt, the director and CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Frank Gehry, addressed the press at the foot of the museum’s Great Stair Hall. Mr. Gehry, an internationally celebrated architect, was referring to the PMA’s “Master Plan,” which is the largest renovation project that the museum has ever seen.   Past plans and future renovations A comprehensive ... More » »


Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love at the PMA

[Andrea places a retrospective of designer Patrick Kelly’s work squarely in context, explaining how Kelly was able to successfully appropriate racist imagery into his work. — the artblog editors] Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love, on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art  (PMA) through Nov. 30, 2014, can be appreciated on several levels: as a display of ebullient, playful clothing; as a source of fashion ideas that, remarkably, would work as well today as they did 30 years ago; as a record of the precocious achievement of a young, African-American designer whose brief career was cut short by his death ... More » »

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