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Pivotal: Photography at James Oliver Gallery

[Noreen appreciates a different view of Americana offered by several contemporary photographers. The show is often colorful, and just as often vaguely unsettling. — the artblog editors] Unlike most downtown galleries, James Oliver Gallery gives an impression of home. Comfortable lounge chairs cluster in the middle of the viewing space, allowing ample standing and seating space. Like a private viewing parlor, the gallery allows an intimate, informal space for discussion. In stark contrast, the art of Pivotal abandons this sense of comfort and familiarity. Featuring the photography of three Philadelphia-based artists, Pivotal brings a disquieting and strange atmosphere to seemingly familiar subjects. Where ... More » »


Microetchings and a hodgepodge of scientific imagery — Mind Illuminated at the Mütter Museum

[Evan racks his brain for insight into a neuroscience-inspired show of works, finding himself a little lost in the neural network. — the artblog editors] The hodgepodge of scientific imagery, Eastern-influenced design, and ultra-sleek presentation that artist and neuroscientist Greg Dunn presents in Mind Illuminated at the Mütter Museum can’t seem to decide what it wants to be–art, science, or spectacle. The product of an artist with an abundance of ideas about the human brain and art and the resources to see all of them through without restraint is jumbled. Intermittently, I found myself gripped by some of the more ... More » »

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The Photographic Self–Take One at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

[New artblog contributor Tina Plokarz reviews a show installed not by chronology, but contrast and chromaticity. Take One is the first part of a two-part series at the PMA this summer. — the artblog editors] “Take one”–this phrase seems like an evocative command at the start of a photo show. The words, framed in a blank photo negative at the show’s entrance, immediately provoke a flood of pictures in my head and initiate a nearly overwhelming circulation of images. Provocative portraits Take One: Contemporary Photographs is the first of a two-part exposition of works from the PMA’s collection. The group exhibit presents ... More » »

Valency Genis' Moby Dick in Summer Reading List at Arch Enemy Arts.

Summer Reading List at Arch Enemy Arts

[Lauren reminisces about summer assignments and classic literature–the playful topic of this group show. Artists chose the media they preferred to bring their favorite books to life. — the artblog editors] Arch Enemy Arts, famous for representing illustrative, street-influenced artwork, has assigned a sentimental project to its artists. Summer Reading List invites 20 artists to recreate their favorite book in the medium of their choice, each piece a faint reminder of summers past–lying in thick, hot air with sticky Popsicle fingers turning the pages of our school-assigned summer reading. Arch Enemy presents us with an exhibition rich in character and ... More » »

Paul Durand-Ruel

Discovering the Impressionists — Paul Durand-Ruel and the “new painting”

[Natalia delves into Philadelphia’s hidden connection to European impressionists in an exhibition that celebrates the advent of the style when it was new, and includes groundbreaking works from collections worldwide. — the artblog editors] At the Philadelphia Museum of Art this summer, Discovering the Impressionists attempts to distinguish itself from past blockbuster exhibitions by presenting gallerygoers with a portrait of a unique individual–the visionary Parisian art dealer and champion of the “new painting,” Paul Durand-Ruel. Described by his contemporaries as an “unrepentant risk-taker,” Durand-Ruel’s dedication to the artists of the Impressionist school ensured the international success of this avant-garde group. During ... More » »


Natural Impulses at Locks Gallery

[A.M. reviews a strong show of works linked by ties to scientific processes and the natural world. Though the show is over, its impact continues to move us! — the artblog editors] Natural Impulses was the poetic appellation for an exhibit of sculpture and paintings mounted at Locks Gallery this past May. Nature, science, culture, and craft were the underlying impetus behind the concept of the show, featuring works by Hilary Berseth, Nancy Graves, Maria Nepomuceno, and Alyson Shotz. Of significance were the different processes used to reconfigure or approximate natural forms. However, what resonated within the work on display was the ... More » »


Philly native Bilal launches In Another Life album at World Cafe Live

[Donald enjoys a meaningful concert from world-famous musician Bilal. What can you expect from Bilal’s new album? Read on. — the artblog editors] Remember that wild classmate who always created a ruckus throughout your adolescence? Well, many of those kids have since matured and conformed to a more typical identity. This is not the case with Bilal. Tuesday, June 30 at World Cafe Live served as a homecoming of sorts for the 35-year-old singer-songwriter (an alum of CAPA and the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music). He returned to Philadelphia for a special CD release show of his brand-new ... More » »


The Usable Earth at Esther Klein Gallery

[Marvin sets off through a relationship-based exhibition, particularly enjoying an evocative video work by David Scott Kessler, and suggesting that maybe, outer space is closer than we think. — the artblog editors] The Usable Earth, a new exhibit at the Esther Klein Gallery in the University City Science Center, addresses the ecological relationship between humans and Earth. Through a variety of media, the invited artists, architects, filmmakers, scholars, and authors examine the human-nature relationship. Some pieces, more than others, carry a certain subtle message: one that implies the enduring presence of a land once untouched by man. Several notable works ... More » »


Matthew Colaizzo’s Locality at NAPOLEON

[Noreen feels transported by a series of otherworldly, monochromatic woodblock prints. — the artblog editors] As a citydweller, it is easy to feel isolated from the forces of nature. A metropolis dislodges the city from the Earth. There is little grass to walk on, few trees to take shade under, and tall buildings suspend the sky far out of reach. The evidence of humanity’s touch is everywhere. Through this disconnect comes Locality, a solo show by Matthew Colaizzo, composed of a series of woodblock prints. Now on view at NAPOLEON, the exhibition continues the dialogue of many landscape artists in ... More » »

Kelly Kozma, Unplug It and Plug It Back In, 72” x 48”, latex paint, spray paint, netting, gloss medium on canvas, 2014.

Confetti Crackle Pop — Kelly Kozma at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

[Kitty admires the intricacy of Kelly Kozma’s work, and the surprising spontaneity that goes hand-in-hand with it. — the artblog editors] Workshop vibes Walking into Paradigm Gallery + Studio, it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to Kelly Kozma’s installation. Piles of punched-out paper scraps lie on the edges and corners of the floor, jars of latex paint are piled amid “stuff” on a small table, a yellow plastic chain hangs by a window, an overwhelming collection of more than 75!!! artworks dots the wall. Fortunately, Kozma separated the small, like-minded works by painting colored dashes on the ... More » »

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