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Matthew Colaizzo’s Locality at NAPOLEON

[Noreen feels transported by a series of otherworldly, monochromatic woodblock prints. — the artblog editors] As a citydweller, it is easy to feel isolated from the forces of nature. A metropolis dislodges the city from the Earth. There is little grass to walk on, few trees to take shade under, and tall buildings suspend the sky far out of reach. The evidence of humanity’s touch is everywhere. Through this disconnect comes Locality, a solo show by Matthew Colaizzo, composed of a series of woodblock prints. Now on view at NAPOLEON, the exhibition continues the dialogue of many landscape artists in ... More » »

Kelly Kozma, Unplug It and Plug It Back In, 72” x 48”, latex paint, spray paint, netting, gloss medium on canvas, 2014.

Confetti Crackle Pop — Kelly Kozma at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

[Kitty admires the intricacy of Kelly Kozma’s work, and the surprising spontaneity that goes hand-in-hand with it. — the artblog editors] Workshop vibes Walking into Paradigm Gallery + Studio, it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to Kelly Kozma’s installation. Piles of punched-out paper scraps lie on the edges and corners of the floor, jars of latex paint are piled amid “stuff” on a small table, a yellow plastic chain hangs by a window, an overwhelming collection of more than 75!!! artworks dots the wall. Fortunately, Kozma separated the small, like-minded works by painting colored dashes on the ... More » »


Opera Philadelphia’s world premiere of Charlie Parker’s Yardbird flies sky-high

[Donald enjoys a contemporary opera paying homage to jazz great Charlie Parker. Known as “Yardbird” and “Bird,” Parker was a key player in the development of bebop during the 1940s, and a transcendent jazz soloist and improviser. His longtime heroin addiction contributed to his death at 34. — the artblog editors] Miles Davis once said, “The history of jazz can be told in four words: Louis Armstrong. Charlie Parker.” Until a Louis Armstrong opera comes along, we have Charlie Parker’s Yardbird, thanks to Opera Philadelphia’s American Repertoire Program. This world premiere, which took place in the Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theater and ... More » »


Speed, Still, Sway — works by Mark Price, Joe Manuse, and Justin Bursk at Mount Airy Contemporary

[Michael finds the links between works by three young artists at a pocket gallery owned by a husband-and-wife artist team. — the artblog editors] Mount Airy Contemporary (MAC) is a small, beautiful gallery in a former carriage house in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, run by artists Colin Keefe and Andrea Wohl Keefe. The exhibition, Speed, Still, Sway features the work of Mark Price, Joe Manuse, and Justin Bursk, whose works neatly embody the Speed, Still, and Sway of the show’s title. Abstract collages and absorbing acrylics Mark Price’s eight abstract paper collages are incredibly smooth patchworks of intersecting planes ... More » »


Maps and mapping at Temple Contemporary and the Athenaeum of Philadelphia

[Self-described cartophile Jennifer visits two map-inspired shows, searching for a new spin on the age-old tradition of mapmaking. — the artblog editors] Maps abound in two recent exhibitions in Philadelphia: The Atlas Imagined: A Collaborative Project at the Athenaeum, which ran through June 6, and Paula Scher and Keith Hartwig: Philadelphia Explained at Temple Contemporary, which runs through July 17. In these exhibitions, maps become objects of group collaboration and charts of dreams, fears, and yearnings. Immersive and imaginative Despite their trustworthy reputations, maps are never totally reliable. Our Internet mapping, satellite technology, and GPS is beneficial, but we often end ... More » »

Jesse Krimes's "Apokaluptein16389067."

New artist installations at Eastern State Penitentiary

[Evan is drawn to several installations addressing prison life and the prison-industrial complex. One or two add new ideas to this often-explored subject area. — the artblog editors] Philadelphia’s historic Eastern State Penitentiary has added five new installations to its list of already phenomenal works (especially Karen Schmidt’s Cozy), highlighting the plight of mass incarceration on America’s past, present, and future. By default, the installations are immersive. They converse with the seriousness and the novelty of the former penitentiary itself–now a museum space that dances between kitsch and crowd-pleasing programming, and education/activism. In collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Mural ... More » »

Trash art

One Man’s Trash — Bradley Maule at Fairmount Water Works

[Lauren comes face-to-face with evidence of humanity’s disrespect for nature in Bradley Maule’s colorful trash installation. — the artblog editors] Bradley Maule, founder and editor of Philly Skyline, began his weekly hikes through the Wissahickon in early 2014, collecting all of the trash he found. He set out on 2- to 3-mile weekly treks, staying out for about 4-5 hours at a time and covering the grounds of the 1800-acre Wissahickon Park. He set out with a trash picker, and if he could not carry out an item (due to weight, size, etc.) he took note of it on his phone ... More » »

Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding introduces us to Emily, her alter ego

[Donald revels in Esperanza Spalding’s new (or simply current) direction, which employs more electric instruments and a harder sound, and showcases Spalding’s musical versatility. — the artblog editors] Admit it: We all have an alter ego in us that needs to be let out of the bag. Esperanza Spalding’s new project, Emily’s D+Evolution, takes us into her adventurous and eccentric side with the assistance of her alter ego, Emily (which is Spalding’s middle name). This intimate show, which consisted entirely of new material from her highly-anticipated fifth studio album, took place on Sunday, May 17 at the Theatre of Living Arts. Reclaiming ... More » »

Danny Simmons, "Lifted," 2014, oil fabric on canvas.

Danny Simmons at the African American Museum in Philadelphia

[Jennifer gets a chance to interview artist and collector Danny Simmons, uncovering the influences that stretch from his collected works into his original art. Simmons is planning a move to the Philadelphia area. — the artblog editors] Two works hang side-by-side. One is a fabric collage and one is a color photograph. The collage is by the artist, Danny Simmons, and the photo is by another artist, Mickalene Thomas. The two works look great together. Why does this matter? Because Mickalene Thomas’ photo is in Danny Simmons’ art collection, and Simmons’ fabric collage has uncanny concordance with the photo, which ... More » »

Christ Church Neighborhood House

Deep in the past, open to the future — Christ Church’s Neighborhood House

[Thom Fox Parry joins artblog as a guest writer for this post! Learn about Christ Church, a long-loved but sometimes overlooked historical gem in the heart of Old City. — the artblog editors] Longstanding social mission Abigail Guay is waiting on a vision. Newly hired as the Managing Director of Christ Church’s Neighborhood House, Guay is reaching out to Philadelphia’s artists to see how they, the city’s artists, and the historic institution can flourish together. She’s in the right spot. Christ Church’s white spire rises straight from the cobblestoned heart of Old City’s art district, and the Neighborhood House, tucked ... More » »

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