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photo of building in landscape

The Light Room summer group show at 3rd Street Gallery

[Michael zeroes in on three photographers to highlight a show by members of the artist-run photography cooperative, The Light Room. — the artblog editors] The Light Room’s 5th Annual Summer Photography Exhibition demonstrates the daunting curatorial challenge of presenting a coherent exhibition of the work of eight photographers working without an organizing theme. I do not think that the members of the Light Room and the 3rd Street Gallery have accomplished that, but there are some wonderful pieces here, and obviously a group of talented and skillful photographers. Perhaps due to the immediacy of the medium, sometimes you can be taken ... More » »

Image courtesy of Mary Ellen Mark Studio/Falkland Road Inc.

Remembering Mary Ellen Mark

[Evan shares his memories of photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who passed away last week. — the artblog editors] Mary Ellen Mark, humanist photographer and one of the most compelling visual storytellers of her generation, died last Monday in Manhattan. She was 75. I had the privilege of working with Mary Ellen, first as an intern and then as an assistant. However brief my window into her life was, it was enough to be deeply changed by the palpable energy of an artist forever in her prime. Uninterrupted focus There are certain forces that exist in the world that do not move ... More » »

Cows on farm

The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

[Evan is deeply moved by the message of a multi-artist photography show, which turns its lens on those affected by Pennsylvania fracking. — the artblog editors] The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is an earnestly executed look at Pennsylvania’s ever-deepening problem with oil and gas companies and their “fracking” method of extraction. Noah Addis, Nina Berman, Brian Cohen, Scott Goldsmith, Lynn Johnson, and Martha Rial all approached this mammoth task in equally sensitive ways, inserting themselves into the communities and the personal relationships of those affected by big-business negligence. Struggle hits close to home The project began ... More » »

People by river

Two top-notch photography books to grab for yourself or a friend

[Evan offers detailed reviews of two books for the photography enthusiast in your life–one an examination of how we interact and ascribe meaning to images, and the other a revival of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s famed “photography bible”. — the artblog editors] Spring is finally (maybe) here, and with it comes a time to look at the world around us again as new. Fitting, then, that two books on photography have recently come into my hands and eyes, asking me to see and think more actively in very different ways. One is a contemporary and theoretical analysis of the current state of ... More » »

Eileen Neff, Horse by Car, 1 and 2, Archival Pigment on Dibond

Live Comments – Bridgette Mayer on Eileen Neff’s new Costa Rican works

[This episode of Live Comments features Bridgette Mayer talking about the show currently at her gallery by Eileen Neff.] Eileen Neff’s 3-week residency in Costa Rica produced some lush images of animals, plants and birds dealt with in Neff’s anthropomorphic way. Listen to the brief (5 minutes) audio of gallerist Bridgette Mayer talking about the works, then go have a conversation with the standing and seated leaves, and the horse, whose gaze is captivating. Perfect show to transport you to another climate, when you really need it. The show is up to April 18.  Here’s a link to the gallery website.

Farrah Karapetian, "Go to the Mystic." Image courtesy of the artist and Von Lintel Gallery.

Farrah Karapetian and the concert that never was at Von Lintel Gallery in Los Angeles

[Chip draws parallels between David Lynch and a ghostly show of photograms, which he saw while visiting Los Angeles. — the artblog editors] “No hay banda! There is no band.” Amid the rippled, red “curtains” slung across the rear of Von Lintel Gallery, we find ourselves as the audience for a performance devoid of motion and sound, yet the voice from David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” cuts through loud and clear. “This is all…a tape recording,” says the host from Club Silencio; or rather a “treacherous image,” as the case may be. Silent music Artist Farrah Karapetian’s first solo show at the Los ... More » »

James Baldwin

Represent showcases 200 years of African-American art at the PMA

[Andrea investigates a varied show of African-American work at the PMA, and hopes it indicates a continuation of the museum’s recent outreach efforts. — the artblog editors] In 2001, the Philadelphia Museum of Art ( PMA) established the African-American Collections Committee to assist in the development of the museum’s collections. A catalog of the PMA’s holdings of work by African-Americans was a major goal of the committee, and has been in the works for the past decade. To celebrate its publication, the museum has organized the exhibition of 75 works by more than 50 artists, calling the show Represent: 200 Years of African ... More » »


5×5 — A second series of temporary, public art projects for Washington, D.C.

[Andrea critiques Washington, D.C.’s newest public artwork series by individual works and on a broader level; she makes the point that sited art should be aimed at neighborhood dwellers, not visitors or curators. — the artblog editors] This year’s program of temporary, public artworks in D.C., 5×5, reflects both a broad and ambitious approach to work sited, and in some places constructed, in public venues across all four quadrants of the district. It is the second series of temporary public artworks supported by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH). The purpose of public art In a day’s viewing, I managed to ... More » »

Sarah Puleo, Instincts, on view at Gravy Studio and Gallery in the exhibition the Denizens of Pines, though July 31

The Denizens of Pines, a group show at Gravy Studio and Gallery

[Jennifer takes a virtual hike into New Jersey’s Pine Barrens via a recent three-artist exhibit spanning photography, drawings, and film. — the artblog editors] David Scott Kessler, Kaitlin Mosley, and Sarah Puleo are artists who explore the landscape and mysteries of the New Jersey Pine Barrens–an almost mythological place. This is the home of the Jersey Devil and the White Stag; these legends have their own Wikipedia page, perhaps confirming the endurance of these myths. At Gravy Studio and Gallery, these three artists presented photographs, sketches, and film that touched lightly on this folklore, while relishing the contradictions and natural ... More » »


Artists I’ve Shot

[Jaime Alvarez’s photo post is part of an occasional series of images taken in artists’ studios when Jaime is shooting professional images of artworks. (Jaime is also a fine art photographer and member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid gallery.) The candy-colored object is a calibration tool to help the photographer calibrate the color for the photo shoot. Jaime asks the artist to hold the calibration tool. Sometimes the artist puts him- or herself into the photo, and sometimes all you see is the artist’s hand reaching into the frame and holding the calibrator. The result is a working image made in support ... More » »

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