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Decade-of-art videos, Episode 6! People give us some feedback and suggestions

In this Decade-of-artblog episode, we get some suggestions on how to make artblog better! And we get lots more nice comments. Enjoy. [Hey there!  This is the last week to get tickets for our Sept. 28, 2013, Decade-of-artblog party at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art. Go to our Ticketleap page to get your tickets for this and our other two parties on Nov. 7 and Nov. 9! –the editors]

Photo by Roman Blazic

Public Art That Vanished From Fishtown

Fishtown once was home to solid middle and lower income families. This started to change in the early 1980’s when I purchased my home. Thirty years later the real estate value of my house has increased by 600%. Every possible open lot and non-functional building is highly sought after for new housing, business and institutional construction and re-construction. Fishtown and nearby Kensington gradually, through the years, also became a home and hub for art and artist. There is much to be said of its economic and cultural effect but I’ll focus on public art that has vanished. Shissler playground, also ... More » »

Sung-Ock Shin by Roman Blazic

International paper — Harmony and Contrast at Highwire Gallery

”Harmony and Contrast” at Highwire Gallery  introduces a variety of works on paper with both Eastern and Western cultural flavors. The exhibit presents complex techniques and a simple and sophisticated blend of craft to art and art to craft. The idea of this exhibit came to Piety Choi, who curated the show and participates, when she visited Korea in June, 2012, and in October, 2011, to participate in the Ansan International Art Fair and the Incheon Women Art Biennale. Choi met a few talented Korean artists and realized that they were all using paper as the main material to create dimensional works. ... More » »

Stephanie Green and Erin Flanagan performing at Gravy opening, July 6

The secret’s out – Gravy rocks Fishtown with art, music and performance

Gravy Gallery is the best keep secret in Fishtown’s Frankford Avenue art corridor. How it remains so is way beyond the volume of sound that comes from its location. Gravy is a collaborative photography workspace and photo gallery located in Liberty Vintage Motorcycles,  2212 Sepviva St, Loading Dock 1, across from Konrad Square between Susquehanna Ave and Dauphin St. Emma Stern  along with Katie Tackman  and Ben Riley co-found Gravy in January 2011. Their first known exhibition was in April 2011. This month Gravy presents “Well Read” a photographic exhibition by Evan Foster. Evan explains, “The photographs seek to re-contextualize these objects ... More » »

Fancy dresses, fancier hair.  Photo by Roman Blazic

Pictures from Fishtown – Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby and the Trenton Ave Arts Fair

Fishtown hosted the 7th Annual Trenton Avenue Arts Festival last weekend, featuring the Kinetic Sculpture Derby. Thousands of people attended the two events with over one hundred vendors presenting their works and services. The festival was held under a warm brilliant sun and a beautiful blue sky. This too could describe the spirit that flowed through the crowd. The Kinetic Sculpture Derby was wisely re-routed through the Fishtown neighborhood. This drew many more people to the pavements, corners and their front doors. Some people, to their delight, got to see this parade of imagination for the first time. Each year this festival ... More » »

From The Shadow Lands

The Western Lands at Little Berlin – the viewer interaction challenge

The Shadow Lands at Little Berlin is a very ambitious presentation that produces a cautionary point of view and shows art in an evolving process. The key element is a non-linear approach — with action and interaction between the artist and the participating spectator.


Everyone loves a parade – Miss Rockaway picture post

These pictures were taken on Sept. 10 on York Street just above Coral Street. Little Berlin (Viking Mills) was a half a block away at Boston and Coral Streets. The parade started on York St and eventually ended at Flux Space, 3000 Hope St.

Landscapes of the mind at Little Berlin

The rainbows were finer than my camera could capture The rainbow was sudden. We were racing up to Little Berlin Friday along I-95 when Murray and I spotted it. We were so excited we missed our exit and almost drove off the road. The first thing that struck me was how yellow it was at the base, shimmering and golden. I’d never seen that effect before, but I bet the legend about the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow comes from that. The second thing the struck me was I wasn’t going to be able to get ... More » »

Kinetic ecstatic frenetic neighborhood picnic

Photo by Roman Blazic of an entry in the Kinetic Sculpture Derby This photo came in from Kensington/Fishtown booster and artist Roman Blazic who wanted you all to know about the glories of the the annual Trenton Ave Art Festival and Kinetic Sculpture Derby Saturday! Roman wrote: [The festival] was filled with visitors and artist presenting their work, musical performances and this unique derby. Positive Space presented “Neighborhood Portrait” for anyone to paint a picture representing his or her view or spontaneous art. These paintings will be exhibited at an unannounced date. This particular image made me think maybe the ... More » »

Blazic Ulmer

Report from Fishtown

[Editor’s note: Longtime Fishtown resident Roman Blazic want to make sure everyone knows all the stuff that’s cooking in Fishtown on First Friday. Here’s what he had to say.] Piety Choi at Highwire First Friday in Fishtown continues to grow along Frankford Avenue and the surrounding streets. The more recent art attractions include The Angler Movement Arts Center, 1550 Montgomery Ave. and Perpetua, 2041 Frankford Ave., 215-634-4447. Add these to the other established exhibition galleries such as Bambi, Germ Book Store, Rocket Cat Café, Highwire and Little Berlin and you’ll find a unique environment of art’s variety. Nathan Perpetua presented ... More » »