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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, "Solar Equation." Photo courtesy of the artist.

News post – Florcy Morriset wins Haitian honor, Serena Perrone visits San Francisco, words with Ryan Trecartin, opportunities and more!

News Florcy Morriset received a pivotal award last week when she was honored by Haitian Roundtable. Haitian American to Watch in the United States., indeed –  it’s phenomenal to see Florcy’s work with Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia and Vivant Art Collection get some extremely visible love. Nathaniel Popkin’s resistance to the rather unimaginative design for the Museum of the American Revolution has a couple of fronts going: he recently wrote about it in the Inquirer, and in the spirit of fun this week, he wrote “A Declaration of Architectural Independence” to drum up support from Philadelphians, and to show the Art Commission that there could and ... More » »


Due North provides a little slice of Iceland for North Philly

[Chip journeys to the Arctic through a recent group exhibition, noting that the 26 artists of Due North have managed to capture the icy terrain’s mystery and appeal — the artblog editors] From the frosty expanses of the Arctic, as well as right here at home in Philadelphia, the ambitious Due North exhibition appropriately housed at the Crane Arts Icebox space calls on 13 local artists and 13 Icelandic artists for a collaboration of mystical proportions. In this extensive show curated by Marianne Bernstein, artists explore themes including storytelling, travel, nature and climate, humor, and the intersections of many different media. The ... More » »

The second coming of Autumn, by David Guinn, at Fleisher Art Memorial. Source and Photo: Passyunk Post, Greg Bezanis via SPR.

News post – CandyCoated children’s costumes, Kara Walker drawing dispute resolved, “Autumn” redux, E/AB Print Fair, opportunities and more!

News Candy Coated Wonderland isn’t coming until May, but let the thought of it carry you through the rest of this bone-chilling winter. As only she can, CandyCoated (formerly Candy Depew) is re-interpreting the Museum’s collection of children’s dress costumes with her unique textile art. Held in the Joan Spain Gallery at the Perelman Building from May to November 2013 and curated by Dylis Blum, CandyCoated envisions a storybook narrative, incorporating iconic children’s costumes. And to make the the exhibition’s subjects the focal point, the summer promises a series of educational workshops for youth art making. Among the wild-sounding offerings are bike and helmet ... More » »

Gallery photos courtesy of Tiger Strikes Asteroid.

Things fall apart – A collection On Loan at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Entering Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s current show is like going into the parlor of some half-cracked, old art collector. The mixed-media works on display in On Loan, which was curated by TSA member Nora Salzman, have been arranged into a harmonious concord that’s almost as interesting from a curatorial perspective as the works are themselves. The domestic theme common in the works — like the stack of mens’ undershirts, wallpaper on one wall, rocking chair, porcelain dishware, and decorative figurines – adds to the living room feel. But the homely exterior is undermined by pervasive elements of decay or decomposition that ... More » »

‘What in the World?’ recreated at the Penn Museum

‘What in the World?’ at the Penn Museum, Print Invitational at Little Berlin, ‘Dead Flowers’ at Vox Populi

For the past couple decades ever more museums have invited artists into their store rooms to curate exhibitions: in an early example, the RISD Museum invited Andy Warhol; MoMA asked Chuck Close and Scott Burden; and Fred Wilson has made a career of the practice.  The results have almost always been interesting.  Artists, of course, have their own questions of and approaches to objects and collections and it’s always enlightening to see familiar things in unexpected ways.

Live & local at the PMA

Matthew Neff, Sugar Chandelier,” one of the current CFEVA artists on exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of art in honor of CFEVA’s 25th anniversary. Nearly everyone in Philadelphia gripes about how the best way for a local artist to get in the Philadelphia Museum of Art is to die. But there’s a works on paper show up right now–Emerging to Established: Twenty-five Years of the Center for Emerging Visual Artists–the first ever CFEVA exhibit there, that belies the gripe. Serena Perrone, I.II, another current CFEVA artist in the exhibit. The exhibit, which looks great, is of 49 works by 25 ... More » »

Prints for the 21st Century

Looking decidedly awake and aware, The Print Center’s 81st annual printmaking competition exhibit perked me up on an otherwise less-than day on the art circuit. The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s associate curator of prints and drawings, Shelley R. Langdale, culled 44 works by 42 artist from more than 1,600 works of mainly U.S. artists. Serena Perrone, The Origin of Self-Sacrifice, woodcut, silverpoint, goldpoint on mylar, 48 x 72″ The mysterious narratives were what most captured my interest (I confess that print methodology interests me only in so far as it affects what the final product looks like). The first floor ... More » »