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Photos: Suikang Zhao, selected images from Taokonick, 2012

News post – Preservation push, Aqua Dice’s NYTimes nod, NextFab’s grand opening, opportunities and more!

News Above: the magic that happens when Photoshop wizardry and Philadelphia’s most iconic statue find one another. For their New Year’s greeting, the PMA’s Department of Indian and Himalayan Art created this gem, featuring Rocky in his typical composure, but joined by a surprising companion: the Hindu deity Krishna, who in this iteration is “Krishna Dances and Holds Aloft Two Stolen Balls of Butter,” The copper alloy sculpture was made in Orissa, India in the 17th century, 1994-148-262. This comes to us from the Stella Kramrisch Collection at the Department of Indian and Himalayan Art. 2 in preservation news – 1. Created by Philadelphia’s own Conservation ... More » »

Jenny Sabin's myThread Pavilion.

News post – Farewell to the Slingluffs, Print Center fall events, Jenny Sabin’s FlyKnit, Tim Eads at DUMBO, opportunities and more!

News The Delaware Art Museum  began its outstanding centennial celebration in November 2011, and is now preparing to conclude with the 2012 Centenniel Juried Exhibition on October 20. Including a vast number of artists artists living either in Delaware or within 100 miles of the Museum, the Centennial is guest-juried by John B. Ravenal, the Sydney and Frances Lewis Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The Opening Reception takes place  on October 19 from 5-7pm, and the show continues until January 13, 2013. Check the site for a full list of artists. In keeping with the Data Garden’s ... More » »

“The Cave’s Mouth,” archival pigment print

A journey through ‘Pangaea Ultima’ at Slingluff Gallery

A rejuvenated natural world of flora and fauna in the post-human future is presented in Pangaea Ultima, a series of digitally manipulated photographs by Philadelphia artist Nick Pedersen currently up at the Slingluff Gallery. Just as dinosaurs existed at a time when the earth had only one super-continent, dubbed Pangaea, some scientists project that the continuous shifting of tectonic plates will eventually bring the earth’s continents back together to form a new, giant land-mass, “Pangaea ultima,” some 250 million years into the future. Pedersen’s work is a visual interpretation of this idea, where bears, vultures, cats, and bison thrive and ... More » »

Erin Murray, Learning from Harbison Avenue, 2011, 3 panels, 42x18"

Erin Murray’s haunted architecture at Slingluff Gallery

By Daniel Forrest Hoffman The beauty of a city, a building, or a home has often been explored through natural signs of age. The “lived in” quality of a place is usually what allows it to speak about itself and its history. Erin Murray’s solo exhibition “Architecture Parlante” at Slingluff Gallery (through Feb 27) explores the subject of architecture and the way it describes its function and/or identity from a different perspective. The structures in her oil paintings and drawings are idealized and nostalgic. They are stripped of any sign of wear, yet they reference a history. Her images are soft ... More » »

Mike Maxwell, The Cove

Figures, word play and a splash of color – Mike Maxwell at Slingluff Gallery

What happens when you combine an obsession with old photography,  contemporary art themes and some wit? For San Diego based artist, Mike Maxwell, featured this month at Slingluff Gallery, it means a collection of pieces that examine modern day humanity’s struggle with power, inner peace, and self awareness.