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Kirk McCarthy, detail of grouping on shelf

June in Chinatown – Great member shows at Vox, raucous New Dreamz at Space 1026 and more!

I saw a bunch of good things this June, including performance, video and a wonderful installation by Kirk McCarthy at TandM Gallery on the 4th floor of the Vox building. Here’s my brief overview. Libby and I were out First Friday but because things were running late, we were too, so we only saw two things –  the 5 into 1 show at Moore (very good – congratulations to all the graduates in the show, including artblog contributors, Lucy Heurich and Veronica Perez!) and the New Dreamz performance at Space 1026 (amazing, brave and funny, with moments of eye-rolling silliness). ... More » »

Marc Newson, Ford 021C Concept Car, 1999.  Check the snub nose and square lines - way ahead of its time!

February – Cold outside but hot inside, a belated First Friday photo post

First Friday started early for Libby and me with a trip to the Perelman Building at the PMA with Collab board president Vesna Todorovicz Sacks, who showed us the Collab 2013 Design Excellence Award show of Australian designer Marc Newson.  Not only is the work a delight — playful, colorful, sleek and clean, the design of the show itself is very cool.  Like an exploded 3D version of a model home, the show features a garage with a Ford Concept Car, a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and bath–a highly engaging little pad to dream yourself into. The Australian designer, ... More » »

Ralph Pugay's "Dogs Barking at Weapons," 2013, acrylic on canvas, at Vox Populi

First Friday of the New Year – Great stuff out there in the Vox building and at Space 1026

(Libby and I had a date with the B-roll team from WHYY’s Friday Arts on Jan. 3. Maybe you saw us at the Vox building or Space 1026. You say, What is B-roll? Well, it’s not sushi is my reply. ) Vox building Accompanied by Cate who was visiting from New York, and all mic’d up and ready for our video shoot,  we headed up the stairs at 319 N. 11th, with filmmaker/director Michael O’Reilly, audio engineer Charlie Kaier and cameraman Paul Parmalee in tow. First stop, the new TandM Space on the 4th floor. Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowics, who ... More » »


News post – FJORD curates at RISD, “Teddy Bomber Plane” on the auction block, Chad Muthard’s new book arrives, Blaise Tobia at OK Harris, opportunities and more!

News This week, the members of FJORD Gallery held a special opening reception and panel discussion for Mechanical Turk, the show they’re curating at the Rhode Island School of Design’s Memorial Hall Gallery. For this exciting venture, FJORD’s participating artists include Seth Adelsberger, Colin Benjamin, John Bohl, Pia Howell, Katie Kehoe, Sam Lipp, JJ Miyaoka-Pakola, Michael Sirianni, and Rachel Stern. The works were chosen from a list of artist websites sent via email by five artist-run spaces in five cities, many of them chosen sight unseen.   via Tomas Mazetti - The “teddy bombing” plane used by artists to make a powerful political statement about Belarussian human rights is up for ... More » »


From the vault – December, 2003 – Art off our beaten path

In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary, we are bringing you content from our inaugural year, 2003. In December, 2003, we were venturing forth from our Old City stomping grounds and trotting up to Northern Liberties and west to City Hall. Despite initial reservations, Roberta discovered some striking poetic narratives at 1 Penn Square. Portraits by a perceptive PAFA graduate were worth the visit to the now-closed Ashley Gallery, where paintings were rife with psychological complexity.  ——————————- The Mystery of Case 13 By roberta December 30, 2003    I always have mixed feelings about the Art in City Hall shows. On the one ... More » »

Tyler Held's tour-de-force body cast sculpture, with carbon fiber armature and painted resin exterior

First Friday – Animations at Grizzly and Marginal, a cat walk at Practice, abstract art at Tiger and Tyler Held’s carbon fiber and resin universe at Space 1026

Vox Populi Gallery was closed, but the 319 N. 11th building was hopping First Friday, with all five of the second floor galleries open, and the shows are well worth the visit — although note that Grizzly, which was open First Friday for a one-night animation festival, is closed the rest of the month.  The balmy weather outside was reflected on the inside of the building, as usual, but at Practice, the We the Weeds project was serving cool cocktails flavored with local herbs, from their portable speakeasy in the gallery’s rear. They would tell you about the herbs and it ... More » »


Leslie Friedman’s Tastier at Space 1026

—>Alyssa visits Space 1026 for the frank, Pop-art treatment of our crass commercial landscape by Leslie Friedman, one of the founders of the alternative gallery Napoleon. –the artblog editors—————————-> Leslie Friedman knows her way around a suggestive mise-en-scène. That much is clear after about a millisecond of looking at “Tastier,” her show at Space 1026; from every angle, the pieces deftly skewer the culture of materialism and do it stylishly, with maximum symbolic impact. Using time-honored icons of the culture — naked women, Coca-Cola — and tropes of pop art, “Tastier” is nothing we haven’t seen before. Its arrangement and choice ... More » »

Selection of Queen Series, Martha Rich

Because It’s Fun – Keith Greiman and Martha Rich at Space 1026

—Ali’s post introduces us to two artists whose quirky works will amuse you and make you think. — the artblog editors —— When you were a child, why was art your favorite class? Was it the subtle artistic nuances with which your fellow peers captured the zenith of the fourth grade experience? Or was it because it was engaging and colorful and there were fewer rules in art than there were in the always-dreaded math class? In their two-person show “Nothing Is Rather Do,” artists Keith Greiman and Martha Rich seem to excavate the foundations of our fascination and force ... More » »


From the vault – September, 2003 – location, location, location!

Ed. note: In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary, we are bringing you content from our inaugural year, 2003. In September, 2003, art took us off the grid and we cheerfully admired the view as we chased her through subway stations and wooded walkways, to New York and back again. We learned about the simplistic beauty of an unconventional setting- and also that Libby loves maps! ——————————- Stopping by the grid on a sunny morning By libby September 14, 2003 The minute I stepped off the city’s grid and headed into the woods, I lost my way. I was at the ... More » »

IMAGE 4- Detail of "Oh, No!" Sam Friedman

Hypnotic reflections – Sam Friedman’s Beach at Space 1026

When I recall a very pleasant vacation memory, I find it difficult to fix my mind on specific visual memories. Instead, images float in, out, over and around scenes in my mind, creating a general impression of the moment rather than a photographically realistic recollection. Viewing Sam Friedman’s show, “Beach,” I sense he is doing just that: capturing the memory of solace and leisure in intersecting vignettes on the canvas. The largest painting in the show is “Sammy’s Girl,” a mammoth work that covers a wall along the back of the gallery. The images are rendered in a graphic way ... More » »

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