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Detail view of Phobos, left, and Epiphany: Father Time, right

Sacred geometry and travels through time and space with Dechemia at Rebekah Templeton

The experience of art in a gallery requires spending sufficient time to allow the senses to be lifted into the world of the work on the walls surrounding you. Artists Isobel Sollenberg and John Gibbons (collectively known as Dechemia) have embraced this understanding of art viewing, designing their pieces like parts of an environment that welcome and threaten to swallow you whole as they beckon towards infinity, as though one were looking into an enchanted well. Dechemia, which in Latin translates to “of chemistry,” are currently presenting new works in the show “Outside of Time,” up at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary ... More » »

Jesse Butcher

Creator’s block? Consider some “Inspiration Information”

The show “Inspiration Information” in the Maas Building at 1325 Randolph Street is an introspective take on what motivates artists to create. Located in a spacious old trolley factory that until now hasn’t shown much visual art, the exhibition includes work by fourteen artists and runs the gamut of mediums from video to foam insulation to prints and photographs.

Slow slide show for a slippery snowy day

From Culture Monster The hypnotic video, “Things that Float” (see it after the jump or full screen at YouTube), is the creation of Stephen Nowlin, director for Art Center College of Design’s Williamson Gallery in Pasadena. It represents the first installment in a curated series organized by NASA Images, a division of the Internet Archive, which seeks to make public-domain pictures more accessible. Nowlin said he created the video using the iMovie application on his Apple laptop. The project is hosted on NASAImages.org