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A site-specific installation of Continua by Katie Murken.

News post – Virgil Marti goes large-scale, Katie Murken at GFS, props to Pentimenti, opportunities and more!

News The British Museum and the Penn Museum are co-captaining a $1.28 million digital collaboration, supported by the Leon Levy Foundation, to resurrect the archaeology of the ancient kingdom of Ur. Originally unearthed by Sir Leonard Woolley’s excavations  on behalf of both museums from 1922–1934, this is one of archaeology’s most thrilling finds, and the exhibition is bound to stun. Philadelphia artist Virgil Marti‘s first foray into public sculpture, Five Standards (Dazzle), has arrived at Five Crescent Drive at The Navy Yard. Commissioned for the new office of GlaxoSmithKline by the company and the developer Liberty Property/Synterra LP, and managed by the City of Philadelphia Mural ... More » »

Moe Brooker
The Inside Story
Oil and Mixed Media on panel 
36" x 36"
courtesy of the Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia and June Kelly Gallery, New York

News post – Mural Arts on NBC, Moe Brooker in NYC, Art Star hit the road, opportunities and more!

News And now for something a bit different for the Barnes. This Sunday, artists Odili Odita, Anne Schaefer, and John Gatti speak on a panel on abstraction at the Barnes Foundation, this Sunday at 2 pm. This is the first of three such talks planned by the Barnes over the summer, addressing abstraction; subsequent panels plan to get into “Art on the Wall/Art as the Wall (with Alex Baker, Joe Boruchow, and TBD); and Art in Public Places (Larry Becker, Moe Brooker, and Michelle Ortiz). The dates are 6/16, 7/21, and 8/25. Each panel is free, with advance reservation required. ... More » »

"Woodpeckers," by sculptor-turned-painter Ann Chabhandour.

News post – Kim Sajet to head National Portrait Gallery, happy tenth for Green Line, Ann Chahbandour at Towson, opportunities and more!

News This week brings major accolades for Kim Sajet, currently the president and CEO of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and now the director of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. A Portland gallery with a Philadelphia flavor opens: Amy Adams and John Ollman of Fleisher/Ollman Gallery have teamed up to open a new gallery in Portland, OR. Adams and Ollman, founded to showcase 20th century self-taught American artists and contemporary artists for Portland, opens with an exhibition of two and three-dimensional works by Philadelphia artist Bill Walton. The show is on view from March 1–April 27, 2013. Between this, the recent ... More » »

Photos: Suikang Zhao, selected images from Taokonick, 2012

News post – Preservation push, Aqua Dice’s NYTimes nod, NextFab’s grand opening, opportunities and more!

News Above: the magic that happens when Photoshop wizardry and Philadelphia’s most iconic statue find one another. For their New Year’s greeting, the PMA’s Department of Indian and Himalayan Art created this gem, featuring Rocky in his typical composure, but joined by a surprising companion: the Hindu deity Krishna, who in this iteration is “Krishna Dances and Holds Aloft Two Stolen Balls of Butter,” The copper alloy sculpture was made in Orissa, India in the 17th century, 1994-148-262. This comes to us from the Stella Kramrisch Collection at the Department of Indian and Himalayan Art. 2 in preservation news – 1. Created by Philadelphia’s own Conservation ... More » »


Exurban sprawl and the built environment – Steven Baris and Kim Beck at Pentimenti Gallery

Steven Baris and Kim Beck’s work at Pentimenti is intriguing for me because the artists’ subjects speak to the facts of life all too familiar to me as a New Jersey denizen: rampant construction, and the ubiquitous presence of the exurbs.  Both artists have been covered on artblog previously. Kim Beck’s “Built Futures” — large drawings in graphite, charcoal and cut paper —  surveys peripheral and suburban spaces, especially the built environment, which brings “the banal and everyday into focus.” Philadelphia-based Steven Baris’ “Stations of the Cube” is an exploration of ”placeless” spaces. The a self-made exurban theorist’s video installation “Exurban Archipelago” ... More » »

Anda Dubinskis' response to Kip Deeds' Viewmaster challenge

Thursday this and that

On this snowy day in Philadelphia (picture at the bottom), I hope everyone’s enjoying the view out the window, if not the thought of shoveling snow off the sidewalk. Below is a roundup of some new notable projects and other newsy things from the inbox or from my occasional blog reading. Hope for Hope benefit exhibit and sale, Sunday, Jan. 30, 4-7:30pm, @The Clay Studio

The people’s landscape–Steven Baris and Kim Beck at Pentimenti

Kim Beck, my favorite detail from Buoys installation. Most of us live in urban and suburban streetscapes. Yet so much art focuses on more romantic notions of nature, neglecting what the familiar paved zones offer in subject matter and imagery. Work now on exhibit at Pentimenti is grappling with its own take on what these human interventions in space and structure mean. Kim Beck, Buoys installation at Pentimenti One that nails it is a piece by Kim Beck, a Pittsburgh artist, who has created a terrific wall installation of a suburban, parking-lot-ish landscape. We don’t see the parking lot, just ... More » »


So near and yet so far

Steven Baris’ The Correct Distance #B5, 30 x 30 inches Jellybeans is what I think of whenever I see a Steven Baris painting. It has to do with the translucent glow and the Pop colors. Baris’ one-man show of 19 works at Pentimenti until May 27, looks great. Baris’ translucency is achieved by painting with acrylic on Plexiglas. He also finishes his painting with a kind of waxy material. The resulting surface has a matte glow. All of these add up to a sense of layers in space, of depth. Baris’ Spread #A9, 14 x 14 inches Some pieces have ... More » »