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Talia Greene

On time, process and the eternal – Talia Greene, Jennifer Greenburg and Anne Massoni at the Print Center

Three photographers who won the 86th Annual Photography Competition at the The Print Center each currently has their own solo show at the Center. The works by Talia Greene, Jennifer Greenburg and Anne Massoni  share interesting and unintended similarities: they all utilize found, black-and-white photography and combine the photos with contemporary technologies and thinking to ultimately purvey an eerie timeless aura. Talia Greene converted the first floor of The Print Center into a beehive. For apiphobic- or melissophobic-viewers (afraid of bees), this installation could be a horrifying experience. The honeycomb wallpaper Greene created digitally is made up of tiny images of ... More » »

Gary Kachadourian, Jersey Barrier with Fencing, Asphalt, and Cinder Blocks, 2011, large format xerographic print made from scale drawings, 144 x 168"

In Scale, in paper, at The Print Center

The exhibit In Scale of real-world-scale works by 10 artists at The Print Center lends itself to exploring the charms and surprises of the ordinary, just by virtue of scale.

Casey McDonough, Conspicuous Absence

Print, clay and sculpture shine at Bahdeebahdu and Schmidt-Dean

Warren Muller and RJ Thornburg’s bahdeebahdu gallery  provides an intricate and sumptuous setting for art and the recent exhibition Emergence takes full advantage of it. Curated by Brooke Hine , the show combines clay, fiber, and print works in a move that takes advantage of the many recent conferences that have raced through town leaving a number of exhibits in their wakes.

Paper at Projects

Itsuki Ogihara, Population Series, digital prints, each 17 x 17 inches This is the last call for the Paper show at Projects–there’s a bunch of really great stuff in it, including Itsuki Ogihara’s Population Series, 17-inch squares of wallpaper encoded with demographic information, each square representing a different city. The squares include racial info, population wealth, etc. It’s fun to look at, fun to decode, fun to compare the information, fun to figure out what each little figure and each little color means. All in all is enormously entertaining and thought provoking. Plus it’s great looking. I have to confess ... More » »

Weekly Update – Swarm at the Schuylkill Center

This week’s Weekly has my review of Swarm at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. Below’s the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. Lisa Murch. detail, Spring, Forbidden Drive 2008. insect specimens made from cicada exoskeletons to which “wings” and “antennae” and other features are added — all made from seed pods and forest floor matter. At Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. The 2006 group show “Swarm” at the Fabric Workshop and Museum explored the idea of highly metaphorical non-insect swarm behavior, like flash mobs and data clusters. This year’s “Swarm” at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education ... More » »

Two good ones for tonight

But We’re Already Here, by Jackie Tileston, 60 x 72 inches, oil, mixed on linen, 2006 Two good stops for tonight artists are two one-person shows at Pentimenti and a group show, Showroom, at the Crane Arts Building. Artist Jackie Tileston is coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally since she’s really great) in both of them. So I’ll just rave a little about her rather large paintings and her gouaches at Pentimenti, imaginary landscapes which evoke travel and Asia and weather. Tileston’s paint is as important as her imagery, sensual, at times encrusted and baroque, at times barely kissing the ... More » »


Weekly Update 1-Roxana Perez-Mendez at Painted Bride

Below is my review of Roxana Perez-Mendez’s Encantada at the Painted Bride Art Center. The story is on the art page in the Weekly and below with some images added. Here’s Libby’s post on Perez-Mendez. And stay tuned for my fall roundup piece (also in the Weekly today) coming in another post. Suite Dreams A super-hotel serves as a metaphor for brainwashed consumerism. Someone please teach me how to shoot a picture through a peephole. My several attempts failed to capture the three luminous and quite lovely peephole scenes in Roxana Perez-Mendez’s installation. After I saw Roxana Pérez-Méndez’s installation at ... More » »