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Becky (Lake), 2013
Jessica Todd Harper
Archival pigment print on Epson Lustre paper printed 2014
26 5/8" x 40"

Photographer Jessica Todd Harper reveals her idyllic home at the Print Center

[Kelly is drawn into Harper’s immaculately composed, richly toned photographs of family; through her admiration, she wonders if these scenes can ever come true for onlookers. — the artblog editors] The “lovey,” otherwise known as the toddler’s comfort object: broken-in, comfort-giving, no-frills. It may be overlooked in “Marshall with Family and the World” by all who don’t have one at home. I have never seen a lovey that has bells and whistles, or even bright colors. This is Jessica Todd Harper’s version of parenthood in The Home Stage at the Print Center. Classic-looking images: ethereally lit and deftly composed, devoid of bells and ... More » »

John Caperton, speaking with us Jan. 10, 2014 at the Print Center.  The green-tinted room comes from part of Canicular's red/green color piece in the downstairs gallery.

John Caperton on Canicular and how the show changed the Print Center during its run – An artblog radio podcast

In the exhibit Canicular by New York artist Demetrius Oliver, a live feed of Sirius, the “Dog Star,” streamed from a telescope at the Franklin Institute into a white silo-like structure in the Print Center’s second floor gallery.  On clear nights you could stand in the dark tubular space, created specially for the show, and see the live feed of Sirius shimmering above your head .  The only catch, you had to enter the silo by way of a modified dog door.  Crawl on all fours and you’re in. This was part of the humor of the piece, said John Caperton, Jensen ... More » »

Demetrius Oliver, Heliometric, 2014, on view during the opening reception at The Print Center

Demetrius Oliver at the Print Center

[Jennifer discusses a star-inspired show that requires a different way of thinking, good knees, and a flexible evening schedule. –the artblog editors] Demetrius Oliver’s exhibition at the Print Center requires viewers to listen to things we can’t hear, to examine closely things we may typically overlook, and to crawl through a dog door. The exhibition title, Canicular, refers to both the canine and the stellar: specifically the star Sirius, known as the Dog Star. In the six works on view here, Oliver presents opportunities for us to forgo our human egos and to adopt a more instinctual or animalistic position ... More » »

Talia Greene

On time, process and the eternal – Talia Greene, Jennifer Greenburg and Anne Massoni at the Print Center

Three photographers who won the 86th Annual Photography Competition at the The Print Center each currently has their own solo show at the Center. The works by Talia Greene, Jennifer Greenburg and Anne Massoni  share interesting and unintended similarities: they all utilize found, black-and-white photography and combine the photos with contemporary technologies and thinking to ultimately purvey an eerie timeless aura. Talia Greene converted the first floor of The Print Center into a beehive. For apiphobic- or melissophobic-viewers (afraid of bees), this installation could be a horrifying experience. The honeycomb wallpaper Greene created digitally is made up of tiny images of ... More » »


Labors of love by Edna Andrade and Katie Baldwin at The Print Center

The pairing of prints by Katie Baldwin and Edna Andrade at the Print Center — two lovely shows I saw last week while in Center City — caused me to think about labor. Not that these two artists’ works conjure up sweat-filled studios with artists fainting from exhaustion. But both artists make highly refined and beautifully controlled works, works that seem effortless in their making, although the longer you look, the more you understand the hours that went in to making the lines perfect and the registration just so. Baldwin’s series of woodcut prints delivers realism-and surrealism-based landscapes and interiors based on her recent ... More » »

swenbeck4 lo

News post – Little Berlin gets on Groupon, congrats to Florcy Morisset, Swenbeck & Carpenter, WHYY Connections Fest, opportunities and more!

News Right there at the forefront of crowd-sourced fundraising, Little Berlin is using Groupon to raise money for its next mission: benches for its Fair Grounds project. And not just any old benches – they’re seeking donations of $10 or more for $1000, going towards hand-crafting five benches with the help of local artists and designers. The campaign is up for seven days, from August 20-26 – so if you haven’t already donated, act fast! For more info and access to the Groupon page visit Little Berlin’s Tumblr. Junot Diaz, author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and winner of ... More » »


News post – $1M for Philly from ArtPlace, spandex outfits for buildings

News Three Philadelphia organizations engaged in creative placemaking projects have received ArtPlace Grants: The Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy has won $200,000 for a project on the Delaware Waterfront; the University City District has won $375,000 for design upgrades and art installations at the Porch; and the Asian Arts Initiative has been awarded $450,000 to commission work in the Chinatown area. More information about the ArtPlace Grants can be found here. The new executive director of the Main Line Art Center is photographer Amie Potsic, long time Director of Career Development Program at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists. ... More » »

Eminent Domain No. 3, Gelatin silver print, 2006. Courtesy of The Print Center.

Emma Wilcox’s dialog with the city of Newark at The Print Center

Although Emma Wilcox photographs urban decay, the photographer’s work is more than nostalgic yearning for the past. Her silver gelatin prints at the Print Center highlight her engagement with photography’s historic and contemporary applications — as well as her ongoing engagement with Newark, NJ where she lives. Working within the tradition of street photography, Forensic Landscapes is an ongoing series of Newark’s deterioration. In the more contemporary body of work, Where It Falls, photography is used to document her text-based interventions on rooftops in Newark. A third group of works, Promesas, selected by the artist, shows historical documents and art relating ... More » »


PEI grants to seven arts organizations including ICA, PMA, Art Alliance, Michener

Pew Center for Arts and Heritage today announced $1.1 million in grants to seven local arts arts organizations for exhibitions or exhibition planning. The recipient institutions represent some of the largest museums in the region — the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Michener Museum, and several respected local arts organizations — Philadelphia Art Alliance, The Print Center, Ars Nova and the Schuylkill Center. This year’s grants bring the total given by the Pew’s PEI to $13 million for 119 projects since the program began in 1997. Among the exhibitions to be funded that artblog is ... More » »

Chad States and Gabriel Martinez at The Print Center

Gabe Martinez & Chad States at the Print Center, after 30 years of AIDS

Two men known for their art work about gay sex, spoke about the work and the sex at the Print Center Feb. 23. Now thirty years after AIDS became a public health issue, artists Gabriel Martinez and Chad States expressed their attitudes toward gay sexual practices in the age of AIDS and how those attitudes were expressed in their art. Print Center Curator John Caperton moderated. For all the differences between the two artists–Chad States is younger and is more carefree and open about his sexual practices. He read a story about his first anonymous sexual encounter as a teen, ... More » »

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