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Revolutionary ride: The RER C train from Paris to Versailles gets you to the Château in royal comfort.

Letter From Paris: On The (Rail)road To Versailles

Three hundred years ago getting to Versailles, the celebrated French seat of power, was a bit of a slog through muddy country villages.  Only 20 or so kilometers southwest of the Eiffel Tower, the trip was made by horse or coach or worse, by foot, and could take the better part of a day.  But Revolutions have consequences.  Today for about $8.50 you can now jump on the RER C suburban railroad from a handful of stations along the left bank, and shoot over to Versailles in half an hour. And your coach might be a royal one. One in ... More » »

One thing I learned about Paris

Crowd inside Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors. Paris is a magnet for tourists over the holidays. Let me say that again in case you’re planning a visit between Christmas and New Year’s: Paris is so full of tourists over the holidays that you will spend hours in line to get into museums; you will be packed like sardines on the subways; you will elbow your way through stores and markets. It’s the New York of Europe. But of course you will have a good time. And depending on your patience for your fellow humans you may have a great time.

I want to go

Fabulous amazing hall of Mirrors in Versailles is ready for prime time after a $16M face lift that took three years! Read the Alan Riding story in the NY Times.