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Installation view

Destroy, she said — a group show at the Boiler in New York

[Andrea enjoys a few chuckles at a show that asks viewers to re-examine the value of objects and material experiences, and also asks artists to obliterate their work after showing it only once. — the artblog editors] Saul Anton and Ethan Spigland curated the provocative, lively, and thoughtful exhibition Destroy, she said, on view at the Boiler, in Brooklyn, March 5 – April 5, 2015, on behalf of Pierogi . It coincided with the establishment of an online archive, the “Foundation for Destroyed Art,” where according to the announcement, “works of art will exist only in their documented destruction and ... More » »

Paik in presentation of 'Good Morning Mr. Orwell' at the Kitchen Gallery, NY, Dec. 8,1983, photo © Lorenzo Bianda

Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot at the Asia Society, New York

[Andrea appreciates an intimate retrospective of Nam June Paik’s forward-thinking work, in which the artist’s foresight and sense of humor are easily apparent. — the artblog editors] Go, go, GO to the Asia Society before Jan. 4, 2015 to see Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot–even if you’ve seen lots of the artist’s work before. And if you’ve only seen the work in photographs, you’ve seen nothing. I thought I had a good understanding of Paik’s output; I’d been to the big Guggenheim retrospective in 2000, had read much published material, and briefly worked with the artist in connection with a ... More » »

Joan Mitchell Foundation archives. photo: Rice+Lipka Architects

Books for artists, part 2

[In her second installment of books for artists (find the first here), Andrea focuses on best practices for creating and organizing an archive, offering tools and an example of one artist’s approach. — the artblog editors] Free downloadable workbook The Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Career Documentation for the Visual Artist: An archive planning workbook and resource guide is available as a free downloadable PDF. I attended an early-morning session at the recent College Art Association‘s annual meeting in Chicago because the staff from the Joan Mitchell Foundation was presenting resources they have developed as part of their Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) program. ... More » »

Ancient Evenings: Ba Libretto, 2009, Ink, graphite and gold leaf on paperback copy of Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer, on carved salt base, in nylon and acrylic vitrine
15.5  x 13.75 x 14.75 inches, Marguerite Steed Hoffman, Dallas

A Plethora of Sources: The Drawings of Matthew Barney

—Maeve visited the Matthew Barney exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum this summer and writes about the exhaustive, behind-the-scenes show and its beautiful catalog.  The exhibit now travels to Paris where it opens Oct. 8 at the Biblioteque National. –the artblog editors—————————-> Matthew Barney’s recent show at the Morgan Library & Museum, Subliming Vessel: The Drawings of Matthew Barney, was a triumph in preparatory drawings and conceptual ‘storyboards.’ Those mystified by Barney’s gleefully-heady films and performances were given the opportunity to access an assortment of clues elucidating the artist’s countless and convoluted references. While the show at the Morgan ended ... More » »


Decade-of-artblog video, Episode 5!

Here’s Episode 5 for you, where 11 people talk about many things they like about artblog. They like the diversity of what we cover; the international coverage; the fact that you can read about the show on artblog and see pictures, even when you can’t get to see it in the real world. Featured in this episode are Dave Kyu, Sid Sachs, Marcella Marsella, Chrstine Pfister and 7 others, who shout out the reasons why they keep coming back. [And don’t forget our Decade-of-artblog fundraising parties! Three great nights at collectors’ houses with the chance to see their art collections ... More » »


Decade-of-artblog video, episode 3! When did you start reading artblog?

Twenty-two artblog readers talk about when they began reading artblog in this third episode from our Decade-of-artblog series. From ten years ago to several months ago, when did you start reading artblog? Catch the answers of these readers in this breezy, 2-minute video.

Niamh O'Malley  'Garden' Project Arts Centre

Dublin – Niamh O’Malley and Barbara Knezevic; on looking and materiality

—>Andrea encounters a black and white garden and a book that explores ideas about art’s materials and value–the artblog editors————–> On entering the gallery at Project Arts Centre,where Niamh O’Malley‘s Garden is on view through June 22, the most striking first impression is that all the color has been drained. It is a resolutely black and white world. In the midst of the space a large pane of glass, framed as a window, stands in a slot in the middle of a two-sided bench. Seeing a garden through glass and mirrors The glass has seemingly-random patches of paint, as if ... More » »

Raqs Media Collective still from 'An Afternoon Unregistered on the Richter Scale' (2011) Courtesy of the artists and Frith Street Gallery

In Baltimore — Max Weber, Sarah Oppenheimer, Raqs Media Collective and new contemporary galleries at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Richard Caton Woodville at the Walters

The Baltimore Museum of Art  recently re-installed its contemporary galleries, which include Sarah Oppenheimer’s first U.S. commission.  This sounded like a good reason to plan a trip, especially since I could also see  a small, focused exhibition about Max Weber‘s transmission of advanced art from Paris to New York in the period before WWI. Max Weber is given a well deserved place alongside his better known contemporaries Weber should be better known than he is, but the same could be said of a number of American modernists who worked before the Second World War. Max Weber: Bringing Paris to New ... More » »

Performance of David Page’s Camp X

David Page’s Camp X and From Here to There at Rutgers’ Stedman Gallery, Camden

–Andrea’s encounter with a performance succeeds in making her and the other viewers uncomfortable.  The performance was part of a now-closed exhibit across the river from Philadelphia in Camden.–the artblog editors———————->Rutgers University’s Camden campus is hidden in plain sight from most Philadelphians, even though it is one stop on the PATCO train from 8th and Market Streets. The faculty exhibition at the university’s Stedman Gallery had a novel format this year. Cyril Reade, Director of the Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts (which includes the Stedman Gallery and the Gordon Theater) asked five faculty members from disparate fields to curate an ... More » »

A.K. Burns, >still (crush)= from >touch parade= (2011), one of 5 HD videos. Courtesy the artist.

Detouched and Tiny Plays for Ireland at Project Arts Centre, Dublin

—Andrea’s trip to Ireland earlier this year unearthed an exhibit on the idea of touch and some 4-minute (yes, 4-minute!) theater pieces. Her review explains it all.–the artblog editors———————–>Detouched, a group show curated by Anthony Huberman, was on view at Project Arts Centre from Jan. 25 to March 30, 2013.  Huberman’s thesis in inventing the neologism, detouched, was that by merging the hand with the machine, contemporary technology generates a detached sense of proximity, or a sense of detouch. The internet may bring us information at one remove. Art almost always does. But successful art conveys the sensation of touch, as ... More » »

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