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Wind Challenge ends season with strong showings by Elizabeth Hamilton, Jake Kehs and Julianna Foster

—With this exhibit, the Wind Challenge proves again its importance as a proving ground for emerging artists, as Alison tells us below.–the artblog editors——————->The third and final installment of this year’s Wind Challenge at the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial includes work by Elizabeth Hamilton, Jake Kehs, and Julianna Foster. The three artists were chosen among 247 applicants for the juried exhibition that was created over 20 years ago to highlight local talent. Elizabeth Hamilton’s work is comprised of humble gestures. Whether using thread to mend broken dishes or attaching fake flowers to photographs of neighbors’ front lawns, she adopts ... More » »

Tim Portlock, Landscape_w_frozen_development.tif, inkjet print

Obscure Innovations – Micah Danges, Tim Portlock and Bill Gerhard at Fleisher’s Wind Challenge 2

While the works on show in the 2012 Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge 2 exhibition are both complex and stimulating, you’ll need to work a bit with them to get there. The three Philadelphia artists with work in this show, Tim Portlock, Bill Gerhard, and Micah Danges, all create visual works that place the artist in a non-traditional relationship with hiwork and use experimental means to create these pieces. Though rousing on an intellectual level, this exhibition will not necessarily  attract any newcomers to the art world. It does, however, show the level of artistic experimentation that is alive and ... More » »

Ryan Wilson Kelly performs the role of “Mazeppa” in his exhibition at the Fleisher gallery. Photo courtesy of Ryan Wilson Kelly.

Fleisher Wind Challenge will blow you away – with Erin Murray, Bohyun Yoon and Ryan Wilson Kelly

Fleisher’s Wind Challenge 1 packs a wallop, as it’s not too often that such heavyweights are gathered together in South Philly. The works of Bohyun Yoon, Ryan Wilson Kelly, and Erin Murray, up through October 20, each bring an entirely unique artistic style to the gallery. (Also, readers: Kelly’s performance piece Mazeppa needs to be seen live to be fully experienced. It was performed at the opening, and will performed again, with an introduction by the artist, on Saturday, October 6, at 4 p.m.) Erin Murray’s graphite drawings of boring Philly buildings are exceptional exercises in intense observation. Her drawings ... More » »

The work of Robert Glebe, Guild member.

News post – MFA shows, Possible Projects packs up, craft on the radio, horror at PhilaMOCA, and more!

News The Delaware Art Museum’s Centennial juried show is not until October, but the Museum has released the entire list of artists who have been selected, including many from Pennsylvania. Congratulations to all!  The museum used to host biennial regional exhibitions that were much admired.  We hope this juried exhibition revitalizes the regional biennial, which is missed. Juror John Ravenal says, of the selection: “The 1,300 artworks submitted online by nearly 450 applicants covered a wide range of media, styles, and abilities. There were accomplished senior artists, emerging talents, and probably some Sunday hobbyists. There was painting, sculpture, installation art, video, ... More » »

Joe Girandola

News – Artists in the Media, Philly.com content sharing, Wikipedia blackout, and more!

News In the Media Iain Ball‘s show Pangea: Rare Earth Sculptures at Extra Extra is featured in this month’s issue of Art Papers. Joe Girandola‘s duct tape paintings look great in a Stylelist.com article. Zoe Strauss‘s photo-billboards appear in an editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News that compares them favorably to the city’s many murals. Amber Dorko Stopper is named Craft Editor at InCultureParent Magazine.

Passing Lane, 201, 41 x 47 inches, hand-woven tapestry, hand-dyed wool

Erin Riley, Laura Ledbetter, Anita Allyn in Wind Challenge 2

Societal breakdown is in the air at this season’s Wind Challenge 2 at Fleisher Art Memorial.  The three artists–Erin Riley, Anita Allyn and Laura Ledbetter–take very different approaches in the newest iteration of this revered series of juried art shows, dating back to 1978.

Michael Konrad reinvents a broken society, on artblog radio

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts sponsors this episode. Artist Michael Konrad is a bit of a pessimist, using a semi-permanent material–plastic bags–to explore the end of a great civilization. Konrad’s mournful installation was in the January 2011 Wind Challenge 2. His meticulously handcrafted mummy style sleeping bag and an American flag, his use of letters that lose their words, and words that lose their sentences, become artifacts of the city in post-industrial collapse. More than that, they become strategies for reinventing life. Konrad himself moved here with his young family from New York, taught himself to sew and iron, ... More » »

Michael Konrad next Monday on artblog radio

Since Michael Konrad arrived in Philadelphia from New York, he has been walking the streets of our city, looking at the collapse of its ebulliant industrial past and the collapse of the meaning of words. He notices how people jury-rig ways to survive and mend what is broken. His artwork involves carefully stitching and fusing the city’s ditritus–plastic bags, old signs, and crumbling homes and factories into a personal survivalism. Konrad, who has an MFA (2005) and a bachelor’s degree from NYU (2001), showed in New York in Art in General in 2009. His Wind Challenge 2 exhibit at Fleisher ... More » »

Arden Bendler Browning, gouache and flashe on tyvek

Last chance–Fleisher Challenge

The best reason to see the first Wind Fleisher Challenge of this season (ends today) is Arden Bendler Brownings enormous abstract cityscapes.

Tetsugo Hyakutake, “Pathos and Irony: Industrial Still-Life in Japan #3,” Kawasaki, Japan 2006, 32x40,Image provided by the artist.

Challenge 3–Tetsugo Hyakutake, Scott Kip, Brenna Murphy

My motives for going to see a Wind Fleisher Challenge have changed. I used to go to see work by emerging artists whom I either didn’t know or wanted to see more of. That’s no longer the best motive for getting me there, what with all the collective venues showing the cutting edge emerging work in town.