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the 3:00 book comic black and white panel comic

The 3:00 Book

Celestine Wilson Hughes, in her 40th St. A.I.R. studio in West Philly.

Next week on artblog radio – a podcast with Celestine Wilson Hughes

Celestine Wilson Hughes makes large colored glass sculptures that are totemic and sing the praises of the natural world and community. They especially are a celebration of women’s undervalued inner strength, and women’s bodies. Hughes, who has a studio at home in her basement, just started a residency at the 40th St. A.I.R. (Artist in Residence) studios in West Philadelphia. The artist is self taught and her free-standing collages of cut glass, metals, and other objects like beads are wonderful–bright and engaging objects that catch your eye from across a room that you want to explore up close. Next week ... More » »