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Jen Brown, Ruins, at Yell Gallery. Image courtesy of the gallery website.

Fleeting moments made monumental in Jen Brown’s Ruins at Yell Gallery

[Joshua tells us about Jen Brown, a young artist whose work holds up a mirror to women and asks questions about the passage of time and relationships.  -- the artblog editors] In Yell Gallery’s most recent exhibition, Ruins, artist Jen Brown presents a darkly humorous view of life. Although her exhibition includes etchings, photographs, paintings, video art, and installation work, it is unified by a central commonality between sadness and beauty. Jen finds that life is full of beautiful, yet fragile experiences and her work reminds the viewer that nothing golden can stay. Her dark, moody disposition conveys a sense of nostalgia ... More » »


Inclusion/Exclusion, a map-inspired show at Yell Gallery

[Roman investigates a new art space that emphasizes interaction between audience and artwork, and encourages confrontation. -- the artblog editors] Yell Gallery opened its doors in November 2013 in East Kensington, Philadelphia, at the corner of Susquehanna Avenue and Martha Street. Rob Goodman, owner of the newly constructed building, was inspired as an artist/art instructor, and by a practical sense of space usage and his partner and founding director Mukethe Kawinzi, to be a patron of the arts. Yell Gallery is quickly becoming known as an arts and performance space where confrontation of change and challenge is beautiful. A successful ... More » »