Help! Less for art in Philadelphia


If you’re a Philadelphia person, this email from Leslie Kaufman of Philadelphia Sculptors is for you:

Hi Everyone,

Here is a chance to make your voice heard on a topic of deep concern to all of us. If you are a Philadelphia resident, you know that Mayor Street is proposing to radically chop the city arts budget. This affects many cultural institutions, including Philadelphia Sculptors. We have received funding from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund for the past 4 years, and this will be in jeopardy if he gets his way. The mayor is proposing to reduce funding for the PCF from its current $2.5 million to $1 million. This is after we were promised that it would be raised to $5 million!

There is something you can do. The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is spearheading a movement to fight this and is providing lots of information on their web site . There is now a simple way of writing a letter and sending it from the link they have provided. Show the unenlightened city leadership that the arts community is strong and vocal! Do it now!


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