Monday list of things

The artblog editors make a list

abramovicbelly Inspired by Tyler Green’s list-o-mania (he’s made his list of 10 favorite artists and asked bloggers to give their lists of their 10 favorite artists). We sampled some of the lists and found peoples’ choices full of surprises.

Unable to conform as usual, we’ve come up with our own list:


Art world stuff we love to hate at 1:09 p.m., Monday, Aug. 9, 2004:

1.) Robert Ryman. Too much white, too much ego.

2.) The Corcoran giving Seward Johnson a show.

3.) Abstract sculpture except for Richard Serra.

4.) Aida Ruilova. Freudian cliches.

5.) David Altmejd. Damien Hirst lite.


6.) Antony Gormley. Lead poisoning.

7.) Marina Abramovic. Enough with the self-abuse already. (top, her razored belly)

8.) Richard Tuttle. Decline and fall of content. (image is “In 19 (Two Greens)”)

9.) Too much Matthew Barney at the Guggenheim.

10.) Seating arrangements parading as public art.

–By Libby and Roberta