Through the car window

grafitticarSeveral years ago I took a ride with Ben Woodward and a friend of his, Dasar, to view some of the better grafitti art around town. I wrote it up in a story for PW but sorry to say the PW archives don’t go back that far. The wheatpaster (Woodward) and the tagger (Dasar), both Space 1026 ers introduced me to Philadelphia’s premier corner for high end grafitti art in Philadelphia, 5th and Cecil B. Moore.

5th St. is a northbound road and the intersection is on the way to Taller Puertorriqueno (5th and Lehigh) and I recommend a drive-by on your way up there. (both images are taken from my car)


I don’t have much to say about the grafitti except that the quality of the craftsmanship is astonishing.

Mostly, I love the fact of the outdoor art exhibit which represents — if I understand it — not gang designations and territory but spray paint art by those whose need to make art is on the wild and illegal side of things. (The fence surrounds a junkyard, by the way, and I believe the guys told me the owner sanctioned the art, so in fact that makes it legal.)

Fact is, this two-block long grafitti art show is more interesting than some of what shows up in galleries here and in New York. And every couple months, just like in the galleries, the show changes as new pieces go up over older ones. I’d kind of like to know how those decisions get made. Anybody know?