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Post by Jon Coplon

Matthew Barney’s video art “Cremaster 3: The Order” is now available on DVD. Not only that, you can rent Cremaster online at netflix. [Ed. note: Rent all the DVDs you want for $17.99 a month, says the website. Cremaster is in the Special Interest category.]

Synopsis: as “Cremaster 3: The Order” begins, chaos ensues. A pink, walrus-like protagonist clad in argyle (shown) takes you on an adventure through New York’s Guggenheim Museum. Up and down the ramp he encounters a pink cheetah-woman; two rival punk bands (with mosh pits); the Rockettes and a lone artist (played by Richard Serra) playing with gobs of hot vaseline.

If you’re bored with your daily grind or just want a challenge, I recommend it. And for a warm-up, check out the trailers for the entire series on the artist’s all Cremaster all the time promotional website.

–Jon Coplon is a student in Colette Copeland’s class on art writing at the University of Pennsylvania.



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