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Dual-channel correction

resnikoffmascotOne day, I’ll get my facts straight. However, yesterday was not the day (image, Isaac Resnikoff’s “Electoral College Mascot”).

I got two notes, one from artist Isaac Resnikoff…

I did want to point out, though, that “Electoral College Mascot” (the state-shapes piece)is displayed 90 degrees off. It’s based on the gadsden flag (don’t tread on me) and should be turned 90 counterclockwise.

…and one from artist Rob Matthews…

Not to question your judgment, but that Electoral College piece in the Born to Kill show is in the shape of the “Don’t Tread on Me” snake, not a bug. If you rotate the photo on your website 90 degrees to the left back to the original orientation, you’ll see the snake head at the top and the rattle poking out at the bottom.

…so now I have to go back to the post and fix that too.

Here’s the image in the proper orientation with the proper description in stereo.