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Pause for the real world


Here are a few shots from yesterday’s John Kerry rally in Philadelphia for those of you who couldn’t make it. If you wondered how they were going to have a rally in Love Park (the announced location for the rally), the answer is that it really wasn’t in Love Park.

The speakers’ platform was set up at 17th and the Parkway and the crowd filled the Parkway all the way back to Love Park. (image is crowd looking from Love Park down the Parkway. Green arrow points to Libby and Roberta standing near a jumbotron.)


Handmade sign alert: the one here, held by a grey-haired woman who’s behind the woman with the white shirt, says “My Bush is voting for Kerry.”


More signs, here in the form of yellow stickers: “Stop Specter and have a nice day!” They’re on a post near the Joe Hoeffel campaign bus. Hoeffel, a Congressman, is running against Sen. Arlen Specter.


Every democratic politician in the city and state appeared to be on the stage. Here’s the top three attractions, Gov. Ed Rendell, Sen. Kerry and former Pres. Clinton, captured on the jumbotron. Clinton looked thin but appeared robust and his hair looked whiter than I remember.


The number “8” on all the signs refer to the 8 days left until election day. The signs said “8 more days to a Fresh Start.” The Kerry website said 100,000 people were at the rally.