Susan Sontag, age 71


Her book “On Photography” is still the book to quote almost thirty years after its making. The writer died yesterday of leukemia. Read the NY Times appreciation by Charles McGrath. (user: lrrfartblog; password: artblog)

The Times is running some pre-web archival material about the writer, like a Dec. 18, 1977 book review of “On Photography” by William H. Gass.

Here’s a gush I agree with:

Every page of “On Photography” raises important and exciting questions about its subject and raises them in the best way. In a context of clarity, skepticism and passionate concern, with an energy that never weakens but never blusters, and with an admirable pungency of thought and directness of expression that sacrifices nothing of sublety or refinement, Sontag encourages the reader’s cooperation in her enterprise.


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