Monday morning funnie


I’ve been meaning to tell you about Scott Bateman for a while. He’s a left coast artist, designer and syndicated editorial cartoonist who publishes a new round of sketchbook material regularly. The sketches are minimalist (bodies floating, some up, some down) but they go nicely with the words which can be very funny, smart and politically punchy. He’s got a pretty deep website with an online journal, some editorial cartoons and other material. Nicely laid out, it’s an ambitious site and an ambitious body of work.

I scrolled down quickly in Scott’s latest sketchbook and smiled here and chuckled there, said “ah” and “ah hah” several times and stopped at this one (shown) which made me laugh. Its stoner affect is somehow perfect.

The text (if you can’t read it) says “Dude, whoever wrote that part of “Sympathy for the Devil” where they go “Woo Hoo” for like, forty minutes straight is a fucking genius.”


scott bateman


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