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In town and out of town


You might not get to see Mark Shetabi‘s work locally this year since his Locks solo show has been postponed due to gallery scheduling conflicts. I’m trying to contain my disappointment. I’m a big fan, and the artist’s first Locks exhibit in 2003 was a great environmental work — completely transforming the Locks downstairs gallery into a mysterious, chilly office corridor. And it was one of the year’s stand-out shows here.
shetabi, mark
But the artist of the peephole environments and grisaille paintings, who told me the news, said that things are going well and that he’s been exhibiting successfully outside Philadelphia.

In fact, Shetabi’s work, which was picked up by ratio 3 gallery, had a big success in that gallery’s booth at the recent NADA fair in Miami. Apparently, his paintings sold out fast at NADA. And just in case you were wondering, the peephole environments are popular as well, with several sold.

This May, the artist’s work will be included in “Subversion and Censure” a three-person show at EVO gallery in Santa Fe. Amanda Innes, EVO’s owner emailed me to say they’re planning to have an installation piece by Shetabi in the show. There will also be an installation by Ligia Bouton and paintings by Gerry Snyder. This will be Shetabi’s second time showing with EVO. (image is Shetabi‘s “92 Voyager,” oil on panel, 2004)

Shetabi’s not the first, nor will he be the last to throw his net widely and achieve success out of town as well as in town. It’s a given that an artist must reach out. With luck (and work) a Philadelphia artist like Shetabi and other up-and-comers will be able to keep the home fires burning (or at least simmering) while creating a national audience for their work.