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Young Yacht Owners of America


Get ready for some purple prose. Not mine, Union 237‘s, about its new show opening tonight, Mar. 4. I enjoyed reading this almost as much as I enjoyed reading the Dali autobiography. In both cases, the ideas come wrapped in such whimsy I just had to laugh. Union continues to be a place that marches to its own hip hop, grafitti, alt-cult drumbeat, godblessem. I’m glad they’re on the scene.
yacht-owners, young

Quoting from the release by l. delsol:

Modern day Marco Polos sail into Philadelphia’s harbor.

They call themselves freedom-fighting artists who believe in “Yachtism”. Yachtism is described as a new political and social consciousness that uses the yacht as a vessel to transcend above the troubles of the world that in their view, is under assault by the present regime. In adjusting to a global environment replete with scandalous politics, poisoned apple pie, and sadness seeping through the pores of our everyday cosmos, the members of the Y.Y.O.A have begun a vóyage that extends past the flatness of the earths’ horizon of ignorant anchors. They are modern day Marco Polos; explorers of paint and desire, satirical sailors of the RGB spectrum. However, all are captains of their own ships.


Upon entering the gallery space the viewer will be met with an overwhelming seven foot long collaborative painting entitled “Young Yacht Owners of America, that is intentionally made to seem as though at any moment it can break apart like a sinking ship and become five individual panels. Also laid about the first floor; a bounty of over a hundred works; traditional paint, digitally manipulated images, melted tin tiles, round canvases, and various discarded objects from the sea all will come together to capture the spirit of travel and freedom and toy with the myth of the upper-class leisure and “gentlemen”. As one finds their way to the lower level they will be submerged into the deep sea of paint, as all the walls will be covered by an installation mural, an underwater refugee void of any description.

This exhibition, larger than any one previously attempted by this group, will lay bare an uncompromising honestly for a new generation of sophisticated pirates and robin hoods everywhere.

(I love the ornate pink white and blue logo and announcement card from the gallery’s website)