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Scam times three


Post from Bill Gusky
[Ed. note: Gusky’s post relates to Doug Witmer’s post about internet scams]

Hi, I read your scam report and wanted to fill in the details for you.

What typically happens is that the supposed Nigerian buyer gets you to include whatever else he can think of in the package. Then he sends an email or telephones you to say, “OK, I owe you (for example) $4,800. I just got a check from someone for $6,500. I will sign this check over to you and mail it to you. Please just include the difference in cash in the package when you send it.”

The thing is, the check is fraudulent. Your bank won’t pick up on this for at least a few days, by which time the Nigerian scammer has whatever he convinced you to send, plus the cash. You are then liable for the bounced check. You could even be brought up on charges.

Don’t ever send anything until a check clears. Remember also that this scam is not isolated to Africa. Scams originate from the Netherlands, UK, Australia, and even the good old US of A.

Looks like you picked up on it pretty quickly. Congratulations!
Now, please buy one of my paintings. (image is a sketchbook painting by Gusky, available on his website.)

–Bill Gusky is a Connecticut artist. See his website for more samples of his art.