Weekly update — students!

My piece this week is about the Penn MFA exhibit at the Ice Box Project Space and the PAFA students shows — the undergraduate show and the MFA show. Read it here.

(image right is Mark Stafford‘s self-portrait video projection from the PAFA MFA show)

and left below is Jessica Slaven‘s “Escape Raft” from the Penn MFA exhibit at the Ice Box)
stafford, mark


And in the editors’ choice section (the listings), information about another new artist’s group with aspirations — the Artists of 1801. They’re opening the doors to their live/work space for an exhibition with open studios and jam session and cookout and film showing this Saturday, May 21, noon-8 pm. Read it here.

Jon Preeb, one of the 1801 artists is the contact person. See his website for more on his work and for a virtual postcard of the show.

And because the world is a very small place, when I was looking at the Penn MFA show last week I was escorted by Sean Riley, Penn Design’s Exhibition Coordinator and a 2004 grad of the program. Riley told me he lives in the 1801 complex and shares some joint living space with Isobel Sollenberger and John Gibbons who are participating in this Saturday’s doings. Riley said he wasn’t able to.