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Sci-art op: get money, sleep over with Ben!


This just in from Rick de Coyte at Silicon Gallery.

Calling all sci-artists this is definitely for you. Spend 28 hours inside Franklin Institute making a piece of sci-art, and get a $1000 stipend for materials. Cots provided, byo pyjamas.

Six artists or artist teams will be chosen. You must apply by June 22 with a project idea (200 words) and names of team members*, a resume and a url to your website showing your previous work. DeCoyte is the juror. Here’s the Franklin Institute link to the application specs and more information about the science exhibit this effort is linked with. And here’s more from the official press announcement:

Sir Isaac’s Loft – Where Art & Physics Collide

Dear Artists and Scientists,

In celebration of the opening of the new exhibit, Sir Isaac’s Loft:
Where Art and Physics Collide, The Franklin Institute is hosting Sir Isaac’s 28-Hour Sci/Art Jam. Six Sir Isaac’s Sci/Art Jam grant recipients will be given a thousand dollars and 28 hours to create art based on one of the themes represented in Sir Isaac’s Loft/. The pieces will be created in The Benjamin Franklin National Memorial where visitors can watch the creative process in action.

The clock on Sir Isaac’s 28-Hour Sci/Art Jam will start ticking at 11:00AM on July 15 and stop ticking at 3:00PM on July 16. The artists will then share with visitors what they were able to create in the time allotted.

The six themes in Sir Isaac’s Loft are:

Changing The Light: Changing the light changes what you see.
Chain Reactions: Chain reactions need a push to get started and then keep going.
Combining Motions: Combining simple motions creates complex patterns.
Physics Feats Of Strength: Knowing physics allows you to do things that you could not before.
Energy Transfer: Energy can be transferred from one thing to another or from one form to another.
Illusions: Artists use science to fool with your brain

*[Ed. note: I’m no sci-artist but I’m a good art chronicler and would be happy to sign on to a team interested in a little artblog chronicling of their project. Lemme know.]


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