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Conti coming

I got a note from Anna Conti saying she had posted a link to my post about our studio visit. Her post reminded me that I failed to mention that she’s got work coming to Philadelphia to a show at Siano Gallery. It’s a show “Urban Canvas” that’s a solo exhibit of Vincent Romaniello‘s paintings joined by works of other artists invited by Romaniello to participate. The invited artists are friends and colleagues of Romaniello’s, some local artists and some west coast artist/bloggers. In addition to Conti, the invitees include Chris Ashley, Natale Caccamo, Anthony DeMelas, Tim McFarlane, Kathryn Pannepacker, Deborah Raven, Giuseppe Riviera, Tremain Smith, Chris Vecchio Ph.D., Douglas Witmer. Romaniello’s great videotaped studio visits with local artists (many of them in the show) will be projected as part of the exhibit.) This will be such fun. What a great show.

[Ed. note: the above paragraph was edited to clarify that the show is a solo exhibit by one artist with the other artists invited to participate. An earlier version of the post said the show was a group exhibit.]

(image shows Conti’s paintings wrapped for shipping to Siano. Notice what’s on the easels and compare to what my photos in the studio visit post showed. Whew! Speedy progress!)

It just clicked. In addition to Conti, there’s another west coast blogger/friend in the mix, Chris Ashley! Ashley, a digital artist and writer, gave Libby and me some excellent html advice early on that was sweet and came in out of the blue (he was an early reader of artblog — his blog was already years old at that point!). He helped make our blog so much more beautiful that we’re forever indebted.
Back to Conti, her paintings for Urban Canvas which you can see wrapped for shipping in her picture (above), are scenes from Alcatraz that I saw in her house. They’re from the old prison’s sick bay, which is not open to the public but because Conti knows someone she got in there to take pictures. They’re small paintings and beauties — full of that nice glazing technique she uses. (image shows them. they’re the two paintings at the left)

You will love these paintings. And Alcatraz is of course a fabulous ruin like our own Eastern State Penitentiary, so the paintings have Philly reverb.