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Mail art discus

A little while ago I told you about my mail art from Matthew Rose which arrived miraculously in my mail box sans packaging and in pretty swell shape. See post. Well before I went to California I got another mail art wonder, this one from Michael Leigh, an artist friend of Rose’s in Cheshire, UK, who’s also a blogger and mail art guy. In fact he’s got a mail art blog, and at least one personal blog. There are more blogs listed on his profile page at blogger but I didn’t check out more than the two.

Leigh’s round cardboard art came to me without a scratch, ding or bend in it. Like a mail art discus it flew true and landed at my door. In mint condition. Anyway, that’s the front of the sweet piece at top. See it bigger here. It’s full of heart stickers and letter stickers (spelling out my name for example) and other child-friendly images.


On the reverse there’s rubber stampings that say “Mail your art all over the world,” “Lob fur gutes Verhaiten” “MAIL ART MY ASS – LOOKS LIKE JUNK TO ME” “A1” and a few others. See it big here. And click the “all sizes” button to read it. Like Rose, Leigh addressed the piece to me at “Le Artblog, Inc” to which my friend Chuck commented that now we knew the gender of artblog: masculine, as in “Le Artblog, Inc.” Funny.

Check out Leigh’s mail art blog for more examples of his excellent collages and mail art. They’re beautiful and inventive.