More art banned in Gainesville, GA

Email from Bill Fisher

fishermissingEditors: Here’s an update about Bill Fisher and Richard Lou’s art work removed removed for the offense of suggesting racism still reigns (see previous post).

Hey Roberta and Libby,

Here’s an update to the Gainesville Times/AP Report:

08.11.05: The Quinlan Arts Center has notified Richard Lou today by email that their Board of Directors has ordered the immediate removal of the rest of his work (which includes solo work as well as collaborative work involving multiple artists) from the show Celibración, following the Board’s removal of his and collaborator Bill Fisher’s print-based piece “Missing Stereotypes” before opening night August 4, 2005.

The AP Report illustrates more of the same (not really so) subtle xenophobia, racism and stereotyping at work here (“Jennifer Wilbanks angered Hispanic groups…,” “the president of the group Hispanics Across America backed down from his threat…,” “Hispanic man…in very broken English…the sweetest things…”).

We are very fortunate that the Athens, GA gallery Athica will be showing the work along with documentation of the Quinlan fiasco. Please see their site for more information on their upcoming show “RACE (Enter Personal Politics)”

Please visit Fisher’s website and/or contact Lou (478-445-6088, 478-454-2123) or Fisher (, 478-457-7286) if you’d like more information. Hope you’ll print out the high-res pdf file of Missing Stereotypes for your wall or nearest phone pole, if you like it!

–Richard Lou and Bill Fisher

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