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Perfect pulp

The world of junk is too good to be true. Here’s a true junk treasure that Libby found while on vacation. She knew it was perfect for me because it was a) high kitsch; b) cheap art; and c) funny enough to wear.

It’s pulp jewelry. The miniturization of a pulp fiction novel, this one, “Other Worlds: The Naked Goddess” trapped in resin so it’s like a bug in amber, and threaded with a cheesy black string so you can wear it around your neck. All for $1.

I googled up the book’s title and came up with this page somewhere in France with other books in the series Other Worlds Science Stories” from 1952-53. My quick peek at the page did not turn up my Naked Goddess but she is certainly out there somewhere.


I put the necklace on immediately and love it completely. The whole conceit of wearing mini pulp fiction around your neck is so crazy I love it. And then there is the cover art — note the rocket streaking across the naked goddess’ naked breasts and hiding them from the censors. Thirdly, the entire thing reminds me of wearing a scapular as a child, something you lapsed Catholics of a certain age will know about. Scapulars were not quite relics you wore around your neck but they were images of favorite saints you kept close to your heart in some Catholic superstitious way. And wouldn’t you know it, I just checked and you can still buy the things today.

See this jewel of my realm bigger here. Click the “all sizes” button to see it even bigger.