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Propper Mural in Manyunk

I mentioned last week in the Weekly Update (see post)that Ann Northrup‘s new mural in Manayunk is full speed ahead with a Sept. 22 dedication coming up fast. Herein are some pictures from my visit with my and Libby’s friend at her new mural, on the side of Propper Brothers Furniture right off Main St. (another big wall — one of Northrup’s specialties)

Gabe Tiberino, recent PAFA grad (pictured above), is one of Northrup’s assistants on the project. The mural, painted under the aegis of the Mural Arts Program, has an ovarian cancer awareness theme.

Kitty Hankins, 78, worked with Northrup on her previous mural in Germantown. She volunteered for this one, too. The Germantown mural was painted in sections on parachute cloth. This one is going straight to the wall.

We’ve written about Northrup’s murals a number of times. They’re among the best in Philadelphia. I’ll put some links to prior posts a little later.

Taking a meeting between cars — an occupational hazard of plein air mural painting in Philadelphia.


Here’s the mural plan laid out on a table at La Colombe the excellent coffee house on Main St. around the corner from the mural. See the picture bigger here.

The artist’s design shows a sublime landscape of rocks, sea and sky with figures symbolizing cancer survivors dancing in the sunset.
The landscape depicted is the Headlands, a part of the San Francisco Bay area (Sausalito, maybe) where Northrup grew up. Last summer she did an artist’s residency at the Headlands and this mural’s vista is from the photographs she took.