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Icebox morsels


I want to share a few images from the Operation RAW exhibit at the Icebox Project Space. I wrote about the show here and Libby will have much more I know. I re-visited the show again yesterday after seeing but not really seeing it at the opening. I was struck again by how much emotion and energy there is individually and collectively. Here is a small photo spread that represents the tip of the great big iceberg of a show.
Susan Fenton “Vietnam Still Life,” toned gelatin print.

Mark Campbell, “Mom talking…” Mom recounts story about her husband’s recurring nightmare of his buddy being killed right next to him. C Print and audio disk.

Jeanne Jaffe and Anne Seidman, “Gook: Human Prejudice.” Spelled out right across the country’s topography.


Nicholas Kripal, “Specter” Metal leaf wall drawing. Truly lives up to its title.

Gabriel Martinez, “Novena to St. Barbara.” I couldn’t get a photo of the piece (a circle of soldier figurines around a lit candle) but the stripes of light falling through the curtain reminded me of the American flag.