Objects of desire


While in Fleisher Art Memorial looking at the Challenge exhibition (more on that anon) I ran into Fleisher’s Warren Angle who mentioned to me that faculty member Tom Beckett, who is battling cancer, has a show in the faculty gallery. It’s a lovely sad exhibit that focuses on addiction and desire as well as other objects and ideas that help make a person complete. So above and beyond the works using Camels cigarette papers and other cigarette-related memorabilia (can you call it that?), the artist has installed some of his clay vessels, sculptural objects and some lovely black and white photos focusing on Americana and on the forlorn other side of the tracks. Much of the work dates from 2005. Stop by. The large, beautiful and haunting collage “My Addiction” is, in itself, worth the trip. (image is detail) The gallery’s on the 2nd floor.



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