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Two small panels by Kevin Finklea

Local artist Kevin Finklea told us he’s in an art fair in Madrid this week: Art Madrid. This fair is an adjunct fair to ARCO. He’ll be in Emma Hill’s booth from London which is Emma Hill Fine Art/Eagle Gallery. He’s shown in this gallery before (it’s in Clerkenwell).

The image is a shot in the studio of two of the small panels showing at the fair.

Local gossip

Got this from Doug Witmer, artist and co-owner of the Green Line Cafe, where Murray and I hang out a lot:

Long-time Green Line barista Claire Iltis has resigned her position to assume a new post … [title unconfirmed by artblog and therefore left out] at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery. While at the Green Line, Iltis, a Chicago-area native and Brown University alum, became known for her latte art, her love of granola, and her enthusiasm for the Talking Heads.


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