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Candyland Contemporary

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Sol Lewitt, Elizabeth Murray and Gerhard Richter at the PMA Contemporary Galleries. Who knew that together they achieve a kind of child’s playground atmosphere? Click the image to see bigger.

There’s something about what’s up now in the PMA’s Contemporary Galleries that reminds me of playing the child’s game. Like every five year old I loved Candyland for where it took my imagination — right into those candy mountains and gum drop forests.

None of the artists whose work is on view in this room is particularly child-friendly in what they make (in addition to the Sol Lewitt piece on the floor, there’s an Elizabeth Murray split coffee cup on the wall and a Gerhardt Richter paint chip grid. But together the ambiance is totally Candyland.

Catch the little grouping now because the new installation in the contemporary galleries “Notations” opens April 8. (Actually I saw this last week but it may be down already because in order to do the massive re-install called for in Notations they’ll have to close the contemporary galleries for a week or more.)

Just a reminder, the new Thomas Hirschhorn acquisition will be in the first round of Notations. More on Notations and a picture of the Hirschhorn piece here.