I went to SCOPE by myself, and was struck by the prevalence of machines and robots. This elegant one by Ryan Wolfe, “Fields of Grass,” consists of small sand-filled plexiglas boxes from which a faux blade of grass emerges. The grass blows in response to electrical messages, and the delicate wires strunge from box to box were roots as well as reminders of how intertwined natures systems are.

The piece was at Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery (Brooklyn). There’s a Philadelphia connection here–Leah Stuhltrager is from the Philadelphia area, and her family is still in the neighborhood.

I’ll be back with more. Just wanted to get something quick up. To see more of my SCOPE pictures, go to Flickr here.

Roberta and I have also posted pictures for Pulse there but I haven’t gotten around to labeling anything yet. Roberta’s are good to go, here.


ryan wolfe, scope



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