Paper snippers across America


Stopping in with Roberta to see the installation at Black Floor Gallery by Swoon, Alison Corrie and Solovei, I couldn’t help but mull over how this was part of an art trend.

The three women who created the phenomenal La Boca Del Lobo installation are part of a phalanx of artists now snipping, following the success of Kara Walker and her silhouettes. Other recent snippers I’ve seen include Hunter Stabler recently at Pageant (see posts here and here), and Sarah Daub at Vox and at Arcadia’s Works on Paper Biennial.

Since paper cuttery has international traditions as well as Western ones, its time feels just right amid art-world and commercial globalism.

These wonderful white patterns cut out at Black Floor, by the way, took the three women a week to a week and a half (night and day), according to Nick Paparone of Black Floor.

The three artists call up witch-y mythology along with Greek as they beg borrow and steal from art history, in an intense ritualistic brew. Alas the show is over, but that it was here in Philadelphia at all is noteworthy.

Here’s my flickr set of photos on this installation, and here’s Roberta’s post (which also leads to her flickr set).


alison corrie, black floor, solovei, swoon



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